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Sneak Peek – Board Shorts from LBX Tactical

Friday, June 22nd, 2018


These upcoming Board Shorts from LBX Tactical are yet another indicator of the brand’s continued effort to expand into different areas while keeping the Tactical customer as their core focus.


In this case, the Board Shorts will be great for physical fitness and combatives training.


They feature an elastic comfort waist band and internal compression shorts.


There is also a zippered pocket for ID or other valuables.


Finally, the Black color is offset with Woodland camouflage along the legs.


Coming late summer with the Black/Woodland version first, followed by Grey version with a greyscale Woodland accent.

What’s This?

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

I ran across something very interesting in the LBT booth at SHOT Show. Can’t wait to find out more.

ADS Federal Range Day – LBX Tactical Minimalist Gear Pack

Monday, June 12th, 2017

The Minimalist Gear Pack (LBX 0321A) looks like a mini 3-Day Pack and it’s intended as a 24-hour pack, but its design is meant to work in conjunction with LBX’s Modular vests and panels. The pack’s overall dimensions of 14.5″H x 11.5″W x 5″D offers two zippered compartments.

As you can see, it incorporates padded adjustable shoulder straps as well as an adjustable sternum strap. Additionally, the back is padded with air channels for when it’s worn alone.

6×6 loop modular webbing, compatible w/ LBX & LBT hook lined panels
Zippered admin pocket w/ 6W x 3H loop panel for identification patches etc
Each side has 2×3 modular webbing for accessory pouches
Drain grommets on rear and bottom
Reinforced carry handle

Offered in MAS Grey or MultiCam Black.

LBT Inc Issues Statement Regarding Federal Investigation

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Earlier today, I saw on the local news that officers from the Department of Homeland Security and Defense Criminal Investigative Service served two writs on London Bridge Trading Company (LBT) at their headquarters and factory on London Bridge Road in nearby Virginia Beach. Immediately, the conjecture began on social media, but I decided to find out about what was going on before I wrote anything.

What apparently began as a show of force at about 9:00 AM, quickly dwindled to just a few officers as LBT’s employees cooperated with the investigation, clarifying how their business operates and who its customers are. LBT posted this to social media, in response to social media comments about the event.

As far as I know, no one was arrested, and nothing was seized in the “audit”. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to refer to it. Raid seems too over the top and audit seems a bit optimistic considering the way it was initiated. It certainly didn’t end the way it started. In response, LBT issued this statement just awhile ago on social media.

From what I understand, the “audit” was part of an ongoing investigation, but so far, no one outside of the government knows exactly what that investigation entails. However, sources tell me that while federal agents knew that LBT manufactured goods in Peru, they had no idea about subsidiary LBX Tactical, nor that business’s purpose, to sell tactical products commercially to the public. It sounds like all they knew was LBT and military contracts. Naturally, this could cause some confusion to anyone who knows that the Berry Amendment requires that all textiles sold to the US military be completely of US origin, from base materials all the way to the finished item. However, many do not know that there are exceptions to this rule.

The governemnt has a lot of flexibility in how it buys the items it needs. The vehicle used to purchase items all depends on who is buying the items, how they are buying them, as well as the overall cost of the purchase. For example, Berry has a threshold of $150,000. This means that if the total procurement is less than $150k, Berry isn’t an issue. This generally applies to direct buys like Government Purchase Card purchases. However, anything purchased through DLA, including via Tailored Logistics System, must be Berry compliant. Another example of an exception to Berry is that if the item is purchased overseas and intended to only be used overseas, Berry requirements can be waived. Early in the war this was sometimes done to buy mountaineering boots.

In addition to Berry purchases, military units can buy through GSA, but this requires that the items be TAA or Trade Agreement compliant in origin. These are made in countries who are on the “good guy” list. Few countries aren’t on the list, but they include China, Vietnam and North Korea, amongst others. Interestingly, several of the countries who aren’t TAA compliant seem to be found in the textile good supply chain. Confused yet?

It can be even more confusing because elements of the national security infrastructure like the intelligence community as well as the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice are not bound to the rules of the Berry Amendment, despite their missions. They must apply other rules which will hopefully be cleared up a bit as the new “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order, signed just last week by President Trump, is implemented.

Hopefully, for LBT and their employees, this is simply a case of confusion. But, until we know the ultimate outcome, LBT says they plan to continue to fill orders. We will keep you posted.

LBX Tactical – Armatus II Carrier

Friday, February 24th, 2017

LBX Tactical releases their latest back panel for the Armatus II carrier further expanding the MAPsystem line.


Banger Panel features:
– zippered admin/utility pouch w/ loop field identifier space
– 4 smoke/flash bang pouches with silent bungee pull tab closures
– hydration pocket ported L/R w/ stretch material sides for bladder expansion

SHOT Show 17 – LBX Tactical

Friday, January 20th, 2017

This is the new LBX lightweight shell pack. It offers top/bottom/middle pack access with uretek zippers. Look for a summer/fall release date in a variety of colors.

This is the LBX4020 Armatus II in MultiCam Black with integrated G-Code Scorpion pouches.

Didn’t Get What You Wanted?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

LBX Titan 24HR Sale

Friday, August 26th, 2016