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LBX Tactical – Armatus II Carrier

LBX Tactical releases their latest back panel for the Armatus II carrier further expanding the MAPsystem line.


Banger Panel features:
– zippered admin/utility pouch w/ loop field identifier space
– 4 smoke/flash bang pouches with silent bungee pull tab closures
– hydration pocket ported L/R w/ stretch material sides for bladder expansion


5 Responses to “LBX Tactical – Armatus II Carrier”

  1. B says:

    I really like the Velcro attachment system vs a zipper system, also the utility with 4 bang pouch option is nice, but have never seen anyone mount their bang pouches horizontal like that on their lower back. 4 across the top vertically would be perfect with the utility low. Just an opinion.

    • Christopher Schmidt says:

      I think the intent of the low horizontal flash bang pouch is to allow the wearer easier access to them as well as the man behind him in the entry team. Having the large pouch mounted higher allows for better access for those behind the wearer. I’m not a high-speed recon assaulter dude, though… that’s just speculation.

      • Rearmount says:

        Paraclete’s RAV assaulter back panel had four banger pouches mounted horizontally since the early-mid 2000’s…ideal for teammates to access.

        • B says:

          Yeah, but they were mounted high so the person behind you didn’t have to look down and dig to access them. Bottom line is, I like the buckle with Velcro attachment system. It would be fast and easy to replace back panels and would be very secure. Just move the bang pouches high on the back instead of low. No one is accessing the bang themselves if it’s on their back even if it’s mounted low. They’re their for your guy behind you.

  2. Riastradh says:

    Reminds me of the older style paintball horizontal ‘pod’ pouch waist systems.