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Badger Ordnance Mil/LE Program


Badger Ordnance has established a Military and LE discount program as thanks for the service of servicemen and law enforcement officials. This program allows qualified individuals to purchase Badger Ordnance products at exclusive pricing. To sign up, submit the required information using the Mil/LE Discount Program form. Note that requests require either a Gov/dept/agency email address or copy of office credentials.


8 Responses to “Badger Ordnance Mil/LE Program”

  1. Tim Mc says:

    Hopefully they stretch this to disabled vets I’m finding some companies don’t…..I have found that some companies don’t consider us as vets.

    • Ryan says:

      How is a disabled vet different from a vet when it comes to having previous military credentials? Just curious.

      • Tim Mc says:

        That’s the same question I asked a very well know scope maker in Beaverton Oregon…I called them to ask if they gave military discount they said yes I drove to their place of business with cash in hand when I got there they wanted to see my military ID when I pulled out my VA disability card they said they only take active duty ID that I wasn’t a vet…I was pissed

  2. Chicken Legs says:

    Marty, will support any vet. Upmost respect for Badger.

  3. EODFish says:

    Tim you are commenting on two different concepts.

    • Tim Mc says:

      Uuuuuuummmmm no I was stating that I hope they stretch this out to disabled vets too if you read into that then I don’t know what to say And I answered the question that was asked. That was my experience with the company I’m not try to change subject of topic here or start anything just was wondering if they would give same respect to a disabled vet.

  4. Badger Ordnance says:

    Badger Ordnance supports persons (male and female) who serve or have served in our Military. Regardless if they are active duty or retired, if they have ever served then they certainly qualify for our purchasing program.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the program please give us a call.

  5. Glen says:

    Case closed.