CTR Belt

The CROPS CTR Belt was designed as a lightweight rig, enabling the operator to carry their kit in a ‘low-profile’ manner. It has seen action in a covert role within Northern Ireland and Libya, worn underneath civilian clothing, in addition to Afghanistan on multiple compound raids.

The above image shows the CTR Belt loaded with 4 5.56 magazines, a medic pack, personal communications, secondary weapon, yoke, and adjustable belt.


17 Responses to “CROPS CTR Belt”

  1. 404953C says:

    Are these for sale some place? The only thing I see on their website is the Surveillance Handbook.

  2. Luke says:

    I am a BIG fan of this. reminds me of the first spear “das ding” but more of a belt rig. would hold everything I keep on my chest rig, and looks pretty stable too.

    looks like the CROPS store site is still under construction, seems like this is made by Arktis.

  3. doc says:

    How do I get one of these? I don’t see this on their website?

  4. Jason says:

    It’s called the Arktis M675, not sure where to get one here in CONUS though

  5. 404953C says:

    They sell it on Ebay for 100 pounds, but with $85 shipping to the US -_-;

  6. Joe Flowers says:

    100 pounds is $166, so it’d be $251 total.
    My belt is already set up very similar to this–except my suspenders attach more in the front, and I think my mags are easier/faster to remove.

  7. Chris U'5 says:

    I believe Ben (CROPS) has an online store in the works that will be up and running shortly, I would imagine they will be available to purchase directly from there.

  8. Ben Wall says:

    Hey guys,

    Great comments about my CTR Belt.

    For you guys who are interested in purchasing the belt, please contact me direct on the following address.

    [email protected]

    The cost of the belt is £100 UK pounds and £16 postage…I have know idea why eBay postage is so much!)

    I will be happy to dispatch 😉

    Many thanks
    Ben Wall

  9. Chris U'5 says:

    I’ve just contacted Ben on behalf of the guys who are interested in purchasing this item (he has tried to post here directly but is having trouble with the website at the moment)

    Cost is £100 UK pounds plus £16 Uk pounds postage to the US and can be purchased by contacting Ben directly at [email protected]

    I hope that helps.

  10. Ben Wall says:


    If you are interested in purchasing the CTR Belt, the best way is to email me and attach your email address which is connected to your PayPal account.

    I will then send you a payment request, for some reason eBay is not playing the game for you guys overseas!

    Many thanks,

  11. Matthew says:

    How new is this bit of kit? Is it a recent addition?

  12. Ben Wall says:

    Hi Matthew,
    The CTR Belt has been on sale only recently and only after it had been tested in many different operational environments.

  13. Matthew says:

    Thanks for your response, Ben.

  14. Ben Wall says:

    Message for James Coffey,

    James I’m trying to contact you via the email address you provided, however due to what it is ‘mil’ I keep get a message failure. Can you provide another email address please.

    Many thanks,