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Emerson Knives – EDC-2 Multitool


The EDC-2 is the next generation of Emerson Knives’ EDC multitools. Built by Multitasker in their offshore plant, the EDC-2 is a simple, robust multitool. Built from 440C stainless steel with a black oxide finish, it features a Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, choice between plain edge and partially serrated blade, and a new pocket clip. The EDC-2 comes with G10 scales in two colors, Tan and OD Green.


4 Responses to “Emerson Knives – EDC-2 Multitool”

  1. Josh says:

    Was the prybar/wrench accessory not a popular feature? Seems taking that out removes some of the the “multi” out of it being a multitool. Think they should have at least kept that version as an option while offering this for people who wanted a lighter and slimmer version.

    Also, could have kept the D2 option for those who prefer the edge retention of that steel versus 440C even if it means a little more work when it comes time to sharpen and care for the knife.

    Would like to know their reasons for the changes, since I cannot see it just being to lower the price of the product.

  2. David says:

    Offshore is why I’ve stuck with Leatherman

  3. Despite it being a great deal before a lot of people complained about price apparently so they dropped those features to save weight and cost. While I liked the previous features this looks to fit the pocket even better.

    I’m not sure if all but some Leatherman stuff is only assembled here. The parts are MIMed in India etc.

    Mr Emerson is proud about making things in the states. It must tell you something about the crew at Multitasker and the products they put out if he was willing to go overseas.

  4. time says:

    WTF, no wrench? no thanks