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CTOMS – Turtle’s Harness


The Turtle’s Harness from CTOMS is a MOLLE plate carrier integrated chest harness system that creates a mid-chest attachment point for hoisting and high angle work. Fully compatible with the CTOMS M-Harness, the Turtle’s Harness raises the attachment point, significantly mitigating the potential of inverting, especially when wearing a heavy pack. It’s designed so that it integrates behind any pouches on the plate carrier, so as to not impede access or disrupt and/or crush contents such as radios and ammunition.

Available in Black and Coyote Brown.


6 Responses to “CTOMS – Turtle’s Harness”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    Good idea.

  2. Angry Misha says:

    Just to clarify, this is to be used ICW the CTOMS M-Harness, relying on the harness as the primary load bearing system and NOT by itselt? I’m only asking because we’ve had some wacky ideas of people trying to use the PALS webbing as a means of load bearing. Case in point, we had some lower enlisted trying to route cables through the PALS in lieu of the Gunner Restraint System.

    For everyone’s SA the break strength on PALS is anywhere from 100 – 200 pounds.

    • SSD says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure why someone would use this alone. It’s to help keep you upright with all of the weight of the vest. Of course, they are probably going to kill themselves from stupidity long before they get to the point of relaying on PALS to hold their weight.

    • ChrisK says:

      Correct, it is for use with the M-Harness. It’s not considered a Class 3, as there are no over the shoulder straps. All it does is extend the tie in point of the Class 2 harness to chest level so it is higher relative to your center of gravity. No webbing over your pouches.

  3. Invictus says:

    What PC is that?