SIG MMG 338 Program Series – Next-Gen Body Armor


This week’s post from covers the evolution of modern body armor, including an explanation of NIJ standards, and the new Alpha-Elite body armor from Point Blank Enterprises, a Level 3A certified armor with the weight and thickness of a Level 2 vest.

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2 Responses to “ – Next-Gen Body Armor”

  1. We have been using Dyneema for years now. Its good stuff and offers a good weight saving over other ballistic materials.

    Great to see some innovation in what is a very slow moving sector.

    • Mike says:

      A number of people have and it’s a great material that frankly just makes more sense than ceramic for those who don’t require above IIIA. Lighter, doesn’t suffer from compounding microfractures, won’t break on a heavy fall, able to absorb a higher volume of foreign material; it just plain makes sense for those whose requirements don’t specify that it be standalone multi-hit AP level IV neutral buoyant etc.

      The plates I keep in my trunk, in fact the plates I’m travelling with right now, are Dyneema and while I prefer the protection of an ESAPI over concealment-cut IIIA the Dyneema plate is a great compromise when it comes to weight and durability.