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Here’s Something From Hodge Defense Systems



6 Responses to “Here’s Something From Hodge Defense Systems”

  1. defensor fortisimo says:

    I’d have settled for a can of Raid.

    • JohnC says:

      “I’d have settled for a can of Raid.”

      A literal can? Or a thinly-veiled allegorical can?

      • defensor fortisimo says:

        well the can doesn’t do much good if it’s veilled in a thin allegory, does it?

  2. GlennSpeed says:

    Love the ’50s scifi movie poster look. Are they going to make them available for purchase? Maybe a military/first responder charity cross promotion? Just a thought. I’d buy a few for sure.

  3. DanW says:

    Hurray for selling paranoia!

  4. Justin @ Beyond says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Well played Hodge!