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Skallywag Tactical – “Spin Drift” Steve Reichert Signature Blade

Skallywag 7

The “Spin Drift” is a knife co-developed by Steve Reichert and Skallywag Tactical. CNC machined from D2 tool steel, the blade is heat treated to 1880F then cooled to -300F. Steve Reichert’s signature is then laser etched into the blade, after which it is coated in Black Ion Bond, leaving a rugged non-reflective flat grey/black coating.

Skallywag 2

The scales are Black linen Mircarta, CNC milled with a cross hatch texture for improved grip.

The “Spin Drift” comes with a Kydex sheath from Survival Sheath Systems. It features attached loops for on-the-belt carry.

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12 Responses to “Skallywag Tactical – “Spin Drift” Steve Reichert Signature Blade”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Yawn, another knife. Just like AR’s, everyone makes one.

  2. Mike Nomad says:

    I like knives, I like ARs, and I like Capitalism. Looks like I am in the right state in the right country…

  3. Harris Brewis says:

    Son of a dog.
    I have been working these last few weeks drafting several dozen designs for a knife, getting in contact with a metal works shop- and I see this.
    I’m not going to exaggerate, but this knife is (with a few alterations and additions/omissions of features) essentially the design I was working on.
    I’ll still work on mine, and I’m sure this blade is a fine knife (underhanded self-compliment). Jokes aside, damn you and good fortune on this blade.

  4. I like Knives, but that is too expensive…

  5. Blehtastic says:

    Skallywag’s doing their damnedest to become the indy, emo band version of a knife manufacturer. Their first two albums (Dagger & Tactical Razor) were ridiculously awesome pieces of functional art with unique ideas and some of the most original fusion of design elements ever seen in the knife world. They combined design elements across literally centuries of design, showing a studied and refined, yet insatiably creative urge to create implements that transcend the morality of their use and help their users achieve superiority in the dance of combat, showing that the cut is what matters, the slice, the slash, the successful sheathing that shows the implement has inspired success in use enough to be retained for another day.

    Then came the gentleman’s razor. A reprise of and maturation of ideas. An opportunity to show evolution and pride in the refinement of a master’s art. A play to developing the tastes of an enthusiastic, and now ever more detail oriented audience.

    And so what do they follow it up with?

    Hey kids, here’s a Tanto blade! Because Mall Ninjas!

    Seriously? Scimitars. Bowies. Needle thin tipped assasins blades. Myriad other design ideas that you’re obviously familiar with and you decide that another Tanto is what the knife market really needs right now…..

    I boggle.

    The reason that Steve Jobs and John Willis were/are so ridiculously succesful is because they’re a$$h0lez that know when to listen to feedback and when to ignore a bunch of messages requesting that they pander to the lowest common denominator. They already know the next big thing that people don’t know they’re about to want.

    Stop with the full retard Skallywag. You’re so much better than a Tanto blade.

    • Blehtastic ,
      Well said.. Thanks for that. Were pleased you get what were doing.. The drop point Tanto had a very specific reason for its introduction, we needed a solid fighting blade and woodsmans blade.. Steve Reichert was kind enough to put his thoughts into helping it be more then just the norm.

      That all said.. don’t worry.. We are deep in design to come up with something that will have you excited to see old merge with new and we hope you will like it. Were pleased you like what you have seen so far, other then this blade.. we don’t expect everyone to love everything we do, but know we hope to not let people like you down when it comes to being right up there at the top of keeping you interested. Stand by.. the next design is done and prototypes are being cut as I write this.. We think you will approve.