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SSD Is NOT Soliciting For Website Donations

It has come to our attention that a website that is unaffiliated with Soldier Systems Daily or Tactical Fanboy has been soliciting vendors for “donations” in exchange for advertising. We do not do this. In fact, we don’t solicit for advertising at all. If you receive an email regarding advertising from SSD it’s because you inquired via the web or in person and we are following up.

There may be some confusion as the author of the emails soliciting donations shares my first name and doesn’t disclose his last name much like I do on the site. Additionally, we are currently not affiliated with any other websites and do not work off of donations. We have a set advertising plan.

Btw, please support our advertisers. They are all great folks and make this website possible.

Thank You…

3 Responses to “SSD Is NOT Soliciting For Website Donations”

  1. SSD says:

    emails to advertisers from SSD only come from [email protected].

  2. Chuck says:

    Also, sorry ahead of time if complaining against an advertiser isn’t okay. I guess I just thought this would be a good place to make it known.