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ITS Tactical / Zulu Nylon Gear – Discreet Pillowcase


ITS Tactical has partnered up with Zulu Nylon Gear to produce the Discreet Pillowcase. The Discreet Pillowcase is constructed from 500D nylon with a DWR coating to repel moisture. The case utilizes a hook and loop closure system with oversized pull tabs for easy operation with gloved hands. The closure system secures the pillow tightly and prevents debris from entering.

Dual D rings allow for dummycording of sensitive items like flashlights and NVGs. A grid of elastic loops allow you to mount chem lights, for marking or for use as a reading light. The rear side features a large Velcro loop panel for ID or morale patches, or attaching hook backed accessories.

Comes in MultiCam, for multi-environment use.



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13 Responses to “ITS Tactical / Zulu Nylon Gear – Discreet Pillowcase”

  1. badjujuu says:

    Must be popular….its out of stock already lol

  2. TMedina says:

    Right? If they slapped a holster on the reverse side of that bad boy, I might be down for one. Maybe a PALS panel for customization?

  3. Stefan S. says:

    A pillowcase? GMAFB! What’s next multicam skivvies?

  4. Bill says:

    Can’t wait for this day to end.

  5. Lcon says:

    Multicam Skivvies… Might actually be a good Idea.

  6. straps says:

    I almost want to create an e-mail address just to see what comes my way if I request a stock notification update…

    • Nick says:

      Nice touch with the waiting list hyperlink too; I definitely didn’t see that one coming

  7. FLC says:

    Like the tacti kilt,,, people will buy them… even though it was introduced today…

  8. Bill says:

    If you lay down on it wearing a MC balaclava, your mind disappears.

    I hate April 1.

  9. Pat T says:

    Totally worth trying to order!