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2014 Sniper Adventure Challenge News

Magpul Dynamics’ Director of Operations Cody Carroll will assist Competition Dynamics this year with the course design and layout for the 2014 Sniper Adventure Challenge. Competition Dynamics, a company based in Fort Collins, Colorado, promotes extreme world-class long-range and practical shooting competitions and adventure races in the Western United States.

The Sniper Adventure Challenge is a 24-40 hour adventure race in which teams to two solve land navigation problems without the aid of GPS to over a route of 25-50 miles, in addition to completing mental, physical, and marksmanship challenges throughout the event. The first Sniper Adventure Challenge took place in 2012.

In addition to assisting with the course design, Magpul Dynamics will also be running two seasoned teams through the course in its entirety, one week prior to the official event to allow for minor changes. Participants can also expect to see plenty of Magpul loot on the table if they manage to complete the challenge.



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