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2014 Sniper Adventure Challenge News

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Magpul Dynamics’ Director of Operations Cody Carroll will assist Competition Dynamics this year with the course design and layout for the 2014 Sniper Adventure Challenge. Competition Dynamics, a company based in Fort Collins, Colorado, promotes extreme world-class long-range and practical shooting competitions and adventure races in the Western United States.

The Sniper Adventure Challenge is a 24-40 hour adventure race in which teams to two solve land navigation problems without the aid of GPS to over a route of 25-50 miles, in addition to completing mental, physical, and marksmanship challenges throughout the event. The first Sniper Adventure Challenge took place in 2012.

In addition to assisting with the course design, Magpul Dynamics will also be running two seasoned teams through the course in its entirety, one week prior to the official event to allow for minor changes. Participants can also expect to see plenty of Magpul loot on the table if they manage to complete the challenge.



Register Now for the 2013 Sniper Adventure Challenge

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Competition Dynamics has opened registration for the 2013 Sniper Adventure Challenge. The event will run July 4-7 at a new 150,000 acre venue near Mayhill, New Mexico. The 2013 Sniper Adventure Challenge is an adventure race involving land navigation, practical shooting with long-range rifle, carbine and pistols, fieldcraft, problem solving and other related tasks. The Sniper Adventure Challenge, had its debut in 2012 and was very well received by active and non-active military, law enforcement, and citizens. Due to demand, the 2013 Sniper Adventure Challenge will be expanded to provide an Endurance Class (24-30 hours of effort, 30-40 miles of on foot land nav) as well as a Sprint Class (8-16 hours of effort, 8-15 miles of on foot land nav).


Arc’teryx LEAF & Deliberate Dynamics Support 2012 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge

Monday, July 9th, 2012

The 2012 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge is coming soon. It will be held 27-29 JULY 2012 at SniperCountry in Washakie, Box Elder, Utah. It’s a grueling two-day competition that challenges competitors through a series of physical, mental and tactical problems.

Arc’teryx LEAF has teamed up with Deliberate Dynamics as a Gold level sponsor in support of the event. Look for them onsite.


2012 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Competition Dynamics and Thunder Beast Arms Corporation have teamed up to present the 2012 24-Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge, held 27-29 JULY 2012 at SniperCountry in Washakie, Box Elder, Utah.

It’s an adventure race for two-man teams involving: land navigation; practical shooting with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; fieldcraft; problem solving; and other related tasks. Teams will negotiate a 30 mile course on foot carrying the gear they require to complete the land navigation and all tasks. Additionally, teams must carry one long-range rifle, one carbine, and two pistols for the entire course.

For the whole low down on this interesting competition visit competition-dynamics.com/24-hour-sniper-adventure-challenge-2012. There aren’t many slots left.