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Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition Holds 5th Annual Day on the Hill

I’d say that it’s more important now than ever to work together as an industry. America currently enjoys an industrial base, unprecedented in history, that exists specifically to support the Warfighter. For that industry, this isn’t the time to take a back seat and hope for the best, but rather, to take steps to ensure an enduring role in supporting our nation’s most formidable weapon, it’s Warfighters. Many companies have already joined the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition or are involved in other, similar lobbying efforts. It’s imperative to organize in order to better raise awareness on Capital Hill of what strides have been made and what we can lose if the relationship between industry and Government is not properly fostered. The industry is feeling the effects of a changing demand for its products. For many years, the military has purchased equipment in a “feast” mode. All along, the industrial base has worked to develop better ways to protect our troops. Now that it would seem a “famine” has begun, we must not lose the momentum it has taken so long to build. Measures can be out into place to help soften the blows of Sequestration and to generate the next generation of protective equipment technology. One way is through the budgeting process and to do that requires Congressional support.

Now in its 5th year, the WPRC Day on the Hill brings together industry partners and key Congressional Leaders to share ideas and concerns regarding equipping our troops, now and in the future. We don’t want the protection of our troops to become an afterthought. The best way to ensure a viable industrial base is to proactively engage decision makers. Right now, the WPRC is the best, unified voice, our industry has.

Member companies of the WPRC will meet with Congress April 8th and 9th to recommend reform of procurement practices to improve U.S. manufacturers’ ability to develop and produce individual military equipment and clothing critical for mission readiness.

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 8th, 2014 – For the fifth consecutive year, member company representatives of the WPRC will travel to Washington to build awareness for the essential part of the U.S. industrial base that manufactures the personal equipment for the Armed Services, such as operational clothing, body armor, knives, boots, and optics, and advocate for the improvements needed to streamline government procurement practices and ensure the United States maintains a robust industrial base with key technical capabilities.

Acquisition reforms being recommended by the WPRC include:

  • Adhere to “Best Value” performance-based contracts for critical warfighter equipment and restrict the use of “lowest price technically acceptable” contracts.
  • Increase the visibility of warfighter equipment and clothing funding in Department of Defense budgets to sustain industry’s innovation investments.
  • Extend the Berry Amendment to the Coast Guard and TSA components of the Department of Homeland Security.
  • “The Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition serves an essential role of advocacy and education on behalf of the innovative companies who manufacture equipment and clothing for our Armed Services,” said David Costello, Executive Director of the WPRC. “Our Coalition is comprised of the leaders in advanced US manufacturing, with capabilities that range from creating ballistic ceramic plates for body armor to the next generation of camouflage. Our work to maintain and build upon the capabilities provided to the warfighter and peacekeeper by our industry has never been more important. As a Coalition we remain committed to lending our voice to supporting the needs of those who serve our country.”

    For a list of WPRC members, visit warriorprotection.net/members


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