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Fraser Optics Welcomes Steve Glaser To The Defense Sales Team

Fraiser Optics has recently hired Steve Glaser on to their Defense Sales Team. Frasier brought Steve on to lead the sales effort within the Domestic US DoD as well as manage new product development programs primarily with their SoF Customers.

Steve Glaser has over 15 years of experience in DoD sales and program experience in C4ISR, optics, and tactical communications equipment. Formerly employed with both Vuzix and TrellisWare Technologies, Steve has been a leader in cutting edge optical systems for both SoF and conventional forces throughout his career.


One Response to “Fraser Optics Welcomes Steve Glaser To The Defense Sales Team”

  1. Doc B says:

    Would this make him a Fraser Glaser, then?

    I submit that perhaps at no point has a Taser ever been a more appropriate “Welcome aboard!” gift. Or a laser.