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Bawidamann Blades – Skeletonized Karambit


Designed in conjunction with Steve Hacht and Bryce Grey, the Bawadimin Knives Skeletonized Karambit features a paracord friendly handle although it does not come wrapped, and must be customized by the user. Heavy chamfers on the Karambit allow for increased comfortability. Machined from CRU-WEAR steel, the Karambit features a hardness of 61-63 on the Rockwell scale.

The Skeletonized Karambit comes with a custom conceal carry sheath. It’s a great new design to go with an outstanding knife. The integrated ST801 PUP nylon backstraps features a “pull the dot” snap, and allows the sheath to mount securely to a belt, right up against the body.

Available in Forest Green, Black, Bronze, and Tungsten.


6 Responses to “Bawidamann Blades – Skeletonized Karambit”

  1. Terry says:

    Do you think that the SS logo was intentional?

  2. Ben says:

    Terry: more like Thor’s lightning, (hence our branding coming from old norse Mythology) but thanks for playing. The top of the third bolt had to be trimmed from design, so it would not run into the skeletonization of the blade portion. But hey, if that’s what you see, that’s what you see….. I’ve also gotten a lot of ZZ top comments……. and every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man!

  3. Joe says:

    Yikes. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this knife, and if it were $225 or so, I’d buy it in a second to keep and review. But on a teacher’s pay, for $300, I can buy another Ruger LCP…or another Emerson karambit and have $130 left over to buy a custom sheath made that will hold it in the open-position (and thus be legal here without CCW). I’m sure there are lots of people who can afford this–I sure wish I was one of them.
    As for the SS logo, you have to be looking for it to see and interpret that (or ZZ top)–I thought of lightning bolts, but frankly, I don’t look for designs in negative space–I just see holes and infer less weight. I’d probably put paracord on it anyway, as I think most will (it’d make it more comfortable against skin).
    I’m going to try to sell enough to be able to afford this.
    Nice blade!!!
    — EVI1JOE “L is a 1” (on arfcom and m4cabine and bladeforums)

    • Joe says:

      (NOTE: my wife saw a “runner” then a “chair”…then–somehow–a “dingo”. No zz top, SS, or even lightning bolt. Takes all kinds I suppose.)

  4. ScottV says:

    It’s not the Karambit I’ve been waiting for, but it is nice.
    All this SS talk is getting old though, the Nazis took all their symbology from people they would’ve considered “sub human”, made them associated with nasty evil shit. Then were conquered.
    While we shouldn’t forget them (so that it’s never repeated), we shouldn’t be giving their stolen symbols power by treating them like they’re bad juju.
    Hoping my knife comes soon!