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E-Petition For The Ownership And Use of .22LR Pistols For Sporting Purposes In England, Wales, And Scotland

As you probably aware, gun rights in the United Kingdom are severely restricted. An e-petition has been started on the UK Government’s official petition site to allow for the ownership and use of .22LR pistols for sporting purposes in England, Wales, and Scotland. Support their rights. At the time of writing, the petition has reached almost 13,000 signatures.


4 Responses to “E-Petition For The Ownership And Use of .22LR Pistols For Sporting Purposes In England, Wales, And Scotland”

  1. Neal Spooner says:

    Everyone deserves the right of honest ownership.

  2. Toby says:

    Besides my issue weapons and some clay shooting for a stag weekend, the only other shooting I’ve done is with air rifles as a Leader for Cubs and Scouts. While the air rifles are great for the Cubs and younger Scouts, I think .22LR would be better for the older Scouts and Network Scouts, something more ‘grown up’ and perhaps more challenging for them. The problem I can see with it is the availability of suitable ranges; it probably wouldn’t necessarily safe or indeed practicable to provide .22 shooting on a Scout Association camp site, let alone a private site. Then there’s the issue of cost if a range were found – I imagine it could be fairly expensive per child considering equipment rental, range use, instructor time and possibly insurance.
    That said, I think if SA or even ACF/CCF subsidised part of the costs it could be a viable program (and recruiting tool) for Scouts and Cadets.

  3. JamesA says:

    There are literally a load of rifle clubs in the uk which have been in existance with ranges approved for pistol and gallery shooting. I shoot mostly pest control, fox and deer shooting. I also do a load of ukpsa practical shooting which takes place on current rifle and gun club premises… we have to use long barreled pistols and revolvers which in my opinion are are a poor relation to the proper pistols.
    I am allowed to own fac spec semi auto and pump shotguns that take 11 rounds of 12 gauge in the mag and extreme high powered hunting sniper rifles that will take you out at 1000 yards. (yes i do have access to such a range – its a private field on my neighbour farmers back field…..)
    Yet im not allowed to have such an item as a .22 colt 1911 semi auto pistol for shooting paper for practical and club usage at 20-25 yards…..

  4. Chris u'5 says:

    If the SNP have their way airguns will be banned in Scotland before long. The laws regarding gun ownership in the UK are an absoulute mess.