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Darley Defense Days – Hardpoint Technologies


The Hardpoint HL Tactical Equipment Belt is a two-belt system designed for everyday wear. The simple, hook and loop inner belt is a low profile affair designed to keep your pants up and help lock the outer belt in place when worn.


The outer belt incorporates full mil-spec hardware and construction and is lined with pile tape in order to mate with the inner belt. It can easily be donned and doffed as needed and locks everything in place. The running end is stitched in multiple places so that you can cut it to size without it unraveling.


They’ve also integrated webbing to accommodate PALS pouches as well as soft loops front and rear.


Hardpoint Technologies LLC is located in Fayetteville and owned by a Retired SF Vet. They build a variety of innovative, Berry compliant products.

These belts are on special today and tomorrow for $90.


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3 Responses to “Darley Defense Days – Hardpoint Technologies”

  1. steave says:

    Copy of the half molle on the tyr gunfighter belt

    • D says:

      The whole thing is pretty unique and very well thought out. I don’t think that TYR owns a patent on 1/2″ webbing MOLLE either.