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BLACK The Webseries – Season 2

Black Season Two

A successful crowdfunding venture led to the creation of BLACK, a webseries about the formation of a covert team in response to a direct attack on the CIA on American soil, staring former U.S. Navy SEAL Mikal Vega. Now, the creators are back for a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for BLACK season 2, looking to make at least 5 times the funding goal of the previous season. Various funding rewards are being offered, from morale patches and apparel, all the way up to an invitation to the cast and crew premiere.

In case you’re not familiar with the series, you can watch the the entire first season here.


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13 Responses to “BLACK The Webseries – Season 2”

  1. Ted says:

    Oh what a lovely multi culture PC cast.


    • Ash says:

      You’ve never served on a PD in a major metro area, have you? Or served in the military in the past 10 years, for that matter… You realize that lots of people who don’t look like you serve, and serve with distinction, don’t you?

      • Sgt E says:

        I don’t think Ted meant that there was a problem with people who don’t look like him (I have no idea what Ted looks like), but was commenting on how it appears to be a simple check in the box as pushing the “requirement” of portraying a multicultural group, regardless of real stats. A 2012 Time article ( http://nation.time.com/2012/02/24/navy-seeks-a-darker-shade-of-seals/ ) noted that the Navy SEALs were “overwhelmingly white”. The Navy was taking steps to recruit more minorities. Speaking personally, I could careless of the demographics of the Navy SEALs. Assuming that they’re not discriminating against minorities in order to stay “overwhelmingly white” (I doubt they are discriminating).

        Kind of like how the PC police were complaining that the movie “Black Hawk Down” was racist. Is that the case with this show? I don’t know.

        • Ash says:

          Sorry, if his first comment is based on how people look (I’m guessing he’s Caucasian), then my man has his priorities straight.
          Things you never hear a Ranger say: “Hey, why are there so many Black guys in Battalion?”
          Different fields draw different people, agreed, but if your first reaction is to comment on WHAT PEOPLE LOOK LIKE, then I say again, your priorities are skee-roo’d.

      • Ted says:

        Yeah ash. There is no quota hiring there. Talk to a fireman. Or for you a fire person?

        • Ash says:

          Ted, your first reaction was to make a political statement based on skin tone. If that’s been working for you, awesome. If you don’t think anyone other than White men are capable of gathering intelligence and pulling triggers, then I hope I never have to stand beside you in a dangerous situation… You may be to busy trying to decide if I’m White enough to be trusted, instead of focusing on what’s actually important.

          • SSD says:

            Agreed 1000%. I’ve heard more than one CINCSOC say that SOCOM needed to become more racially integrated to become more effective. Us white guys stick out in much of the world.

          • ted says:

            Ash: you too are making a “political statement” yours just happens to be the PC everyone is equal rot that is destroying the armed forces. The USMC is now looking at women in the infantry because it is being forced upon them by the PC commissars. Women have lower PT requirements and blacks have to have standards lowered to compete: see affirmative action everywhere…

            The US Military is fast becoming just another welfare program thanks to your egalitarian everyone is equal and we need “diversity” garbage.

            When I see an advertisement for a silly TV show like this it necessarily sets off alarm bells. The SEALS are not too white – they are capability oriented. force diversity on them and quality/standards will necessarily go down –

      • Steve says:

        There’s a difference between accepting others regardless of ethnicity, and ensuring you include all colors of the rainbow in casting. Take a look at the picture in the article. Its not a team with a couple white guys and black guys or Asians, or even an all-black or all-Hispanic team; instead, you have all the “checks”–white guy, check; black guy, check; Asian-looking woman, check; one or two Hispanic/Latino (pop quiz, Ash–do you know the difference between the two?) guys, check. Again, casting appears to be focused on including a rep from each ‘majority’ ethnic group in the US, not on showing what a typical 5 man (or woman) team would look like. If we follow your lead and jump to assumptions about a man’s character based on one post about a picture on the web, perhaps we should assume you’re a bitter minority that couldn’t meet the standard and blames racism for your shortcomings. How’s that feel, being typecast based on a few words?

  2. orly? says:

    Any reviews on the first season?

    I want to know if it’s worth the time.

  3. Haji says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this show at all. Has anybody watched it to let me know if it’s worth bothering to seek it out? I’m betting on “nah” because I had no idea it existed until now. Under normal circumstances somebody would have pointed it out as being worthwhile a couple eps in.