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‘Dual Survival’ Star Cody Lundin Sets Record Straight

Dual Survival Clarification by Cody Lundin

Dear Campers,

Unfortunately, flurries of season four press releases by Discovery Channel have caused unnecessary confusion. Initial press releases implied that I was returning for the entire fourth season of Dual Survival. Not true. Later releases featured quotes from a new Discovery executive producer implying that I quit the show. Not true. Further releases implied that I couldn’t “hack” the show anymore and that I was unable to handle the survival scenarios. Not only are these implications completely false, they question my professional experience, expertise and integrity in a manner that I will not tolerate.

Given the promotional approach chosen by Discovery, I am left with no choice but to speak out to defend my reputation and career as a professional survival instructor with 25 years of experience. To be clear, the implications of my involvement in, and departure from, season four of Dual Survival in the network’s public statements have been inaccurate, uncalled for, unacceptable and untrue. It’s shocking to me that Discovery would treat anyone in this manner, and I am disappointed that this media organization would put its own reputation at risk by choosing sensationalism over facts.

Discovery is well aware of the actual circumstances that led to my firing from the show – circumstances that in no way resemble the message that the network has chosen to present so far. While I have not yet felt the need to address our differences in a much larger public forum, I won’t hesitate to do so if that is what is required to protect my integrity and my career. If the network continues to put forth a narrative regarding my departure, I expect it to do so in a respectful, fact-based way that allows us to part in a professional manner that will not harm either of our future interests.

The network should be aware that programming of this nature must be produced and marketed in a responsible manner with the highest level of regard for the safety and health of the hosts, production personnel, and members of the viewing public. I have shared this message with them many times. Failure to observe this standard could have tragic consequences that, with proper precaution, can be avoided. There can be no compromise when dealing with people’s lives.

It is true that I was scheduled to shoot all episodes for season four, but as I was fired due to differences over safety and health concerns, I filmed only four shows. The shows I participated in were filmed in Sri Lanka, Oman, and Norway. Matt Graham, one of the people from “Dude, you’re screwed” was hired to replace me. As Discovery moves forward with launching the new season of Dual Survival, I hope the network will choose a different tactic for the presentation and marketing of the show that is not at my expense.

On a brighter note, my farewell post was shared more than 720,000 times on Facebook alone with thousands of supportive comments from fans. I very much appreciate the continued support and hope this letter clears up any confusion.

Stay true and never waiver.
Sincerely, Cody Lundin

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27 Responses to “‘Dual Survival’ Star Cody Lundin Sets Record Straight”

  1. Invictus says:

    Sensationalism over facts? History, Discovery and NatGeo all have gone for sensationalism over facts for years now.. facts have gone the way of music from MTV.

    It’s one of the reasons I treat television like Cody treats shoes.

    • Bryan Sammis says:

      Sensationalism over facts. That’s why Tom Moore was bounced from Dude You’re Screwed. He worked smarter than his colleagues, but Discovery rather keep the young and handsome (though not smarter) people.

  2. Stefan S. says:

    Will miss him. Not a fan of the whole hippy no shoes approach but he was entertaining. Typical of the once so-called “educational channels”. Now they are all about sensationalism like Invictus wrote above.

  3. matt says:

    next they will have kanye and the kardashian brats on discovery doing half ass television.

  4. Alan says:

    Without Cody, I will no longer watch the show.

    On goes PBS now. Permanently.

  5. Nick M says:

    A bit too granolaey for me, but certainly respect him for his execution-

    • Mag says:

      I didn’t find it anything but a bit insightful. As far as “granolaey”, I’m not sure what you’re talking about unless you are describing Cody as a “Cereal Survivalist”:)

  6. Jimbo says:

    Off subject, but I want to see “Naked and Afraid: Antartica”. That would be a good one.

  7. Jim says:

    Wouldnt need to pixellate the blokes junk.

  8. Joe momma says:

    All of that and still no “response” as to why fired…. :-/

  9. Bob says:

    I believe Cody was the real star of the program. He would show the down to earth ways of surviving with no BS. They should’ve fired that guy Joe. He wanted you to survive the military way, Screw that. What partner Cody should’ve had was either Bear Grylls or Les Stroud. Now that would be a GREAT TEAM.

  10. Barry says:

    I will not watch the show! Cody by far is the best survival expert. Joe is one loose cannon..

  11. Batterion says:

    Agree with Barry to a degree, but I fully respect Joe’s experience and in a real situation I know he would be more methodical than what we see on the show. The show has exploited him to a degree to present viewers with a “macho” risk-taking character, feeling that doing so makes the show more watchable. Do not worry Joe – fans of the show see right through the TV executive’s make-over, so your reputation remains intact.

    Nothing but respect for Cody’s accomplishments and career. I hope Cody does another television project, as I will definitely watch.

  12. James Latimer says:

    Cody Lundin is a true survivalist with years of experience. I respect him for his skills and his common sense approach to survival situations. The Discover Channel has prostituted itself to gain more viewers. What a shame!

    Best wishes to you Cody. You are the real deal!

  13. Stephen says:

    The differences in survival approaches and in life between joe and Cody is what makes people watch dual survival they want to see the how the wacky guy and army dude survive and learn to cope and lean on each other in intense survival situations. So to say discovery is chasing ratings or something to that matter is plain stupid. It was the relationship between the two that drove viewership and separated it from the other survival shows.
    When it comes down to who anyone would rather be trapped in a survival situation with it’s Joe hands down. That being said bear grylls ftw!! He’ll manage to find you a hotel!

  14. Daniel Bagley says:

    I miss Dave cantaberry as we’ll. wish those two would get back on again bc I Learned a lot from Cody and Dave. Dave was a better survivalist then joe even though he lied about his military experience both will be missed.

  15. Roxy says:

    Cody was the only reason that I watched the show. Without him, it has lost all appeal to me. After watching the 4th show, I will no longer watch Dual Survival and I’m ashamed of Discovery Channel’s intro messages to the final four episodes, making it look like a dramatic firing. I would have sworn that it was Joe leaving the show and am shocked and saddened to hear that it is actually Cody. To Cody: Your positive outlook on life, happy smile, survival tips and just your general personality will be greatly missed. I hope to see you soon on your own show. Or you with Bear…that would work too 🙂

  16. Dr Killpatient says:

    What do you expect from the network that brought you Lance Armstrong. Deal with Discovery? You’ll be in recovery.

  17. Meow says:

    It does not really matter if he leaves, or not.

    Can one person name Cody’s first partner, without a Google Search. Exactly. If the show is still entertaining, Cody will be forgotten in weeks.

    If the show is not entertaining, the show will disappear, and be forgotten in weeks.

    No memory is shorter than a TV audience.

  18. Ken says:

    Just watched the 4th episode, and am very disappointed that Cody won’t be back on the show. Dave Canterbury and Joe Teti are remarkably skilled, but I most enjoyed watching Cody.

    How many ways did Cody show us how to make a fire? He used sticks, rocks, batteries, glass, and even a liquid filled plastic bag.

    Cody’s wit will be most missed. One minute he’s picking grubs from a log, and the next he’s talking like a scientist about water-born pathogens.

    Regarding the production of the show, I believe viewers are more aware that producers stitch together scenes from the show to create a narrative. This was very apparent in other “reality” shows, like the apprentice, where the sequencing of a clip or the point where dialog cut can significantly alter the viewer’s perception of events and people on the show. Compound that with the extreme conditions, dehydration, and starvation, and it’s no wonder tempers flared; especially with two alpha males who are experts in their domains. Discovery Channel likely has enough negative footage of any cast member to create a smear narrative of that person.

    Cody, you will be sorely missed. I wish you all the best. Thanks for teaching the rest of us.

  19. Rooster says:

    You are the best Cody! I’ll never watch that show again.

  20. ann taton says:

    bring cody back