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Tyler Grey – Coming Back After A (War) Injury

Tyler Grey is an US Army Special Operations Veteran I met a few years back through some mutual friends. When you first meet him two things will strike you: the first is a very serious injury; you can’t shake his hand without becoming aware of it. The second is his great attitude.


Since I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him, I’ve come to know a man who won’t let life lick him. I’d say that’s one of the reasons he got involved with GORUCK and the tactical training industry. The guy’s a survivor. You need to take the time to go read about his experience, which he wrote about in an article currently on GORUCK’s website.

You can read the whole thing over at GORUCK: news.goruck.com/military/coming-back-after-a-war-injury

6 Responses to “Tyler Grey – Coming Back After A (War) Injury”

  1. jack says:

    I briefly met him about 2.5 years ago at Shot Show. I got to say this warrior left a serious impression in my mind.
    All I can say now is kudos to Goruck for letting him tell his story, as words still can’t express the respect I have for this breed of men.

  2. Parker says:


  3. Keep up the great work Tyler !!! Be safe and talk to you soon !!

  4. There is NO quite in Tyler. Keep up the great work!

    It was an honor to serve along side you.

    Have a good one,

  5. Chris says:

    Damn. Great write up- truly inspiring. I had my first real exposure to the GoRuck team when I participated in my first GoRuck event here in Seattle last month. Awesome work these guys are doing to bridge the gap between the military and civilian world. Keep building better Americans and quality American Made packs!

  6. Jason says:

    That was really inspiring. Just gotta keep trucking