SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Combat Performance Group – Killkard

Killkard 1

The Killkard was designed by a Marine Scout Sniper as a tool to provide red dot optic equipped rifle shooters a visual aid to reference bullet drop based on their zero distance. This aids at increasing probability of a hit at longer ranges and shorter ranges when engaging limited exposure targets.

Killkard 2

Made from laminated vinyl, the Killkard has a self-adhesive back and is designed to be placed on the comb of the stock for quick reference by the operator.

Available in 36/300Y, 25Y, and 50Y zero distances.


14 Responses to “Combat Performance Group – Killkard”

  1. JPate says:

    Killkard sounds cool, but wouldn’t want it on my duty rifle that is used in an LEO role. Can see the publicity and attorneys eating up the fact a police officer was predisposed to killing their client, just look at the sticker on his rifle. Maybe a rename for LEO’s wanting to take advantage of this.

    • RSS Feed says:

      Ever heard of a sharpie?

    • SSD says:

      That’s a good point. It seems silly, but you’ve got to consider the lawyers.

      • I have to admit, only after I made these did I think that there may be the issue of lawyers/court/etc. However, as I posted on our FB page, if there is enough of an demand for a KILLKARD without the name for LEO’s and concerned civilians, we will have no problem making up some “KILL-deleted” cards. We at CPG like to run our business like AMERICA should be…BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. Thank you all for your interest and support in our products.

        • Mike Nomad says:

          I don’t do FB, so, posting here…

          Very cool product. I too would be interested in “KILL-deleted” cards.

          • RSS Feed says:

            I think anything with KILL on it is inappropriate for LEO. Maybe something like “Serve and Protect KARD”

        • Mike Nomad says:

          Thinking about “The Kard” some more, the space reclaimed could be used to indicate a very important thing (well, at least to me): How tall is the figure?

        • JPate says:

          Thank you for the comment. It’s nice to see a manufacturer that listens and “gets it.” It is sad that we must think of these things before using or making a product that is designed by nature to help us protect ourselves.

    • Paul says:

      Cut off the top?

      • Mike Nomad says:

        User-mods to any product are may help the user, but, they are also more Lawyer Chum…

  2. captain beefheart says:

    Hmm…I guess if I actually thought it through, I could locate a pair of scissors and cut off the top of the card that contains that evil word, “KILL”.
    For Petes Sake, if I’m holding an M4 you can bet it might be used to kill someone/something.

    • Haji says:

      You know that’s not how the world works anymore in the information age. You may not care (and I fully understand why), but administrators certainly do. These are the risk averse, zero defect times we live in.

      • JPate says:

        Haji gets its, thank you. Yes you can assume since I’m holding an M-4 or AR that if I use it it will kill. But law enforcement works in a different environment. Citizens don’t want to think about their police “killing” someone. We don’t shoot to kill, we shoot to stop the threat. The problem is the average officer may not think that far ahead and sharpie or cut off the top of the sticker. They may even think its cool. Being a Sergeant, I have to look out for my officers.

  3. BillC says:

    Only in 14.5″? Is it similar enough to us 16″ers?