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Magpul Launches M-LOK Attachment System At NRA Annual Meeting

Magpul is launching a new attachment system called M-LOK at the NRA Annual Meeting and SSD has the exclusive first look. Remember, you read it here first.


M-LOK, which stands for Modular Lock System, is a free licensed platform system developed by Magpul that serves as an evolution of the MOE slot system used since 2007. It functions as a method for hard mounting accessories to a negative space mounting point. When compared to MOE, M-LOK features a larger slot, squared sides, and adds the following feature set:

– Direct mount capability
– Cammed T-nut
– Optimized for metal and polymer manufacturing
– Recoil/impact mitigation lugs
– Intermediate spacing option
– Multi-directional mounting
– Backwards MOE compatibility

M-LOK is easy to manufacture, works in polymer and metal equally well, is incredibly strong, and requires no back side of mounting surface access. Numerous manufacturers have already agreed to adopt the system, and Geissele Automatics is even displaying a Mk5 rail at the NRA Annual Meeting which features the new technology.

For complete details, you can check out the release FAQ down below:

Click to view .pdf


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20 Responses to “Magpul Launches M-LOK Attachment System At NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. Pretty slick. I wonder what will push to be the new standard this or keymod.

  2. Adam B says:

    Given how widely accepted KeyMod has rapidly become, I’m curious to see which one wins out. I don’t know if the market will support two lines of modular specs.

    Somebody’s going to be the next Betamax (or Laserdisc).

    • David says:

      LOL I was thinking along the lines of “Get yourself a Betamax son – this VHS format is shite quality”.

      Given that I use and have trusted my life to Magpul products based on their robust reliability, I suspect that their product will be superior to KeyMod.

      Like with VHS/Betamax I fear it will be the marketing that will make or break the product.

  3. Eric says:

    I wonder if it will work with Key Mod? This might explain why Magpul hasn’t introduced any Keymod accessories (unless M-LOK works with Keymod that is).

  4. J says:

    Wont’ work with keymod, entirely different method.

  5. Jon C. says:

    They are different systems, it will not work with Keymod.

  6. jellydonut says:

    Is there a reason they’re launching a new standard that does the exact same thing as Keymod does, when the aftermarket has mostly settled on Keymod?

    Except of course for the obvious reason; being assholes.

    • Mick says:

      If you read the FAQ, they state that KeyMod is not a good fit with polymer products, which Magpul specializes in.

    • Magpul says:

      As stated in the FAQ the biggest thing is that KeyMod is not suited to polymer mounting systems. In addition the M-LOK is also more suitable in the following ways…

      M-LOK has lower manufacturing costs (so costs less to the consumer)
      M-LOK has better pull out strength.
      M-LOK has better recoil/impact mitigation.
      M-LOK accessories are front and rear directional.
      M-LOK can use the millions of MOE accessories already produced.

  7. Jon C. says:

    if you read the FAQ, you’ll see why “not Keymod” was settled on.

  8. Fox says:

    lighter and cheaper is always an improvement to me.

  9. Chris K. says:

    Key mod is also more difficult to manufacturer in the deburring of the slots. Both work, it just may be easier for companies to build off of the M Lok.

  10. Chicken Legs says:

    There is little direct attchcments to the Key Mod system. Magpul has the juice to create more accessories for direct attachment where as Key Mod is has been slow to the market. Also, Magpul is a brand in which manufactures already OEM, thus no threat of cross branding.

  11. DA says:

    11.5″ Noveske NSR rail for sale…

  12. Al Be says:

    Key mods are terrible to install and uninstall. M Lock and Picatinny are much better and quicker.

  13. LM says:

    metal or plastic? anybody?

  14. VolkCNC says:

    Half turn T-nuts like this have been used in machining for years. It’s a really basic and simple solution. Definitely a “why didn’t I think of that” moment. I predict this system will absolutely crush Keymod. Cheaper to manufacture, simpler, and just plain better. Hooray for not needing special cutters!