ITS Boo Boo Kit

Ever consider how many times you’ve gone to the range or a camping trip and just ended a band-aid? Your IFAK is jam packed with tourniquets and hemo static dressing but you can’t stop a simple cut on your finger.


ITS’ Boo Boo Kit is a full featured , cost efficient pocket First Aid Kit perfect for medical situations that don’t call for something as extreme as a trauma kit.

The items come in a heavy-duty poly bag, with certain items grouped into additional interior poly bags; two insert cards are included which list contents and have space to fill in emergency contact information.

ITS Boo Boo Kit Contents

(1) Triangle Bandage
(10) Band-Aid (6 Large, 4 Small)
(2) 3M Steri-Strips
(2) Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
(2) Alcohol Prep Pad
(2) Triple Antibiotic
(2) Sting Relief Pad
(2) Burn Jel
(1) Moleskin (2” x 4” Strip)
(2) Lip Ointment
(2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Electrolyte (Rehydration)
(2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Ibuprofen (Inflammation, Soreness)
(2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Non-Aspirin (Fevers)
(2 pkgs. of 1 ea.) Antihistamine (Allergic Reactions)
(2 pkgs. of 1 ea.) Anti-Diarrheal (Dehydration Prevention)
(2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Aspirin (Heart Attack)

The Boo Boo Kit can also be ordered with a 3-pack of 4″ x 7″ LOKAK Element Proof Storage Bags for additional storage of components or personal electronics.


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