Orion Applications – Geometric Threat Assessment Course (GTAC) – Carbine

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Orion Applications is holding their first open enrollment course, the Geometric Threat Assessment Course – Carbine.

The course, crafted from years of experience and dozens of real word engagements, teaches students OODA loop theory, geometric vs linear threat assessment, advanced weapons manipulation, and barricade negotiation, among other skills.

It is worth nothing that this is not a beginner’s course. Orion Applications requires proof of certification of prior basic weapons manipulation training upon enrollment. Orion Applications courses in general also require the student be a US citizen with either a local LEO background check, letter of good standing, or CCW permit to attend.

The course runs from May 30th – June 1st, in Casper, Wyoming.

To register, or to host a future course, send an email to [email protected].


3 Responses to “Orion Applications – Geometric Threat Assessment Course (GTAC) – Carbine”

  1. D says:

    Kinda wish they would have announced this sooner. 30 days isn’t a lot of time to arrange the days off or decide where the $2000+ for travel, tuition, and ammo is going to come from.

  2. ODG says:

    D, I agree but,this class was easy to fill because it’s my home town where I grew up. Don’t sweat it we will be getting our course schedule finalized and put out for the rest of the year early next week. Thanks for the post and I look forward to having you come out and train with us!

  3. Reseremb says:

    1,000 rounds of UTM included in the course price? Damn ITAR restrictions for training!