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Tactical-Life.com – Gemtech GMT-300 For .300 Blackout Suppressor

This week’s post from Tactical-Life.com covers Gemtech’s GMT-300 suppressor for .300 Blackout. The GMT-300 features a two-piece, titanium G-Core design, and is full-auto rated, reducing noise by 36-39 decibels.


For the full story, visit www.tactical-life.com/gear/gemtech-gmt-300-blackout-suppressor-video.


2 Responses to “Tactical-Life.com – Gemtech GMT-300 For .300 Blackout Suppressor”

  1. Kym Stapleton says:

    Impressive, quite the leap ahead from washers,2litre coke bottle,or the trusty ole pillow,keep it rolling,top-notch

  2. Kaos-1 says:

    I’d like to see more one piece baffle style “rifle caliber” suppressors on the market. Go gemtech!!!!!! It sure makes “stuff” simple.