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American Kami Introduces Colubris II Line and a Surprise

I must admit that I have been somewhat remiss in sharing this news, so I apologize. I actually found out about this during last month’s USASOC Sniper Competition and told American Kami’s DJ Urbanovski that I would share this with my readers. I’m holding up my promise, but I’m late. However, the info is just as cool today as it was when I first learned of it.

As you may recall, American Kami has collaborated with Böker to transition the original, fixed blade, Colubris design into a production model. Last Fall, DJ started working on the next iteration of the design which is now known as the Colubris II.


Just like the original, the new Colubris II will feature CPM S35VN with a tumble over heat treat finish and G10 scales. There are three models; the N for Nano, the S for Small and the M which is Medium and a direct replacement for the original model.


Additionally, you can see the GTFO knife. It too is crafted from S35VN and offers more alternative force applications than other daggers. It incorporates an ‘almost civilian legal everywhere’ sub-3″ blade and can be used as a utility knife as well. Mount may also notice the “spur” in the ring handle.


DJ builds one heck of a knife meaning they are quite popular and difficult to find. If you are serious about getting one of his knives or axes, I suggest contacting him through his website. He’s a very humble guy, easy to work with, and will get you on a waiting list.



2 Responses to “American Kami Introduces Colubris II Line and a Surprise”

  1. Chris K. says:

    That GTFO is the heat. You can use a blade forward grip on it as well.