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SOB Law Enforcement Training

Like we told you, the Sheriff is back and he’s peeling back the curtain a little to show us what he’s been up to. In this video, John McPhee shows us some of his training methodology and how he uses Coach’s Eye, a sports training app, to record and review a student’s performance. I’m a big fan of this app which is generally used in the mainstream sports community and McPhee has been leveraging this technology for several years to improve his students’ performance.

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11 Responses to “SOB Law Enforcement Training”

  1. CTF says:

    Nice clip, John.

  2. Pat Aherne says:

    Where did my comment go? Too much truth in what I said, considering I’m his target market?

  3. NOLA says:

    HAHA….mine got deleted too.

    So much for freedom of ideas. I really can’t believe they have censorship on this board !…See the irony ?

    • Pat Aherne says:

      Censorship on private property is allowed; there is no right to come into my house, club, or website and spout whatever you want. However, my comments were laser-like in their accuracy.

    • SSD says:

      Nothing was deleted. Unfortunately, you posted on the old server during the 24 hour swap over while DNS servers updated, pointing to our new home. The comments were on the old site.

  4. Luke says:

    about the best use I’ve ever seen a tablet camera put too. great idea.

  5. BRT says:

    Someone loves themselves…

  6. SeanL says:

    He’s selling a product, and like anyone advertising a product, he has to explain why it’s the best and what sets it apart from the competition. His statements are no more hyperbolic than a nylon manufacturer saying their new pouch or chest rig is “revolutionary” or “game-changing.”

    Numerous gear manufacturers revel in being able to say their kit is being used downrange by SOF. John McPhee is saying that his training is based on extensive experience downrange as SOF.

  7. Matt says:

    Yes, he’s selling himself in a very competitive market. And yes, he may be good at instructing and very experienced. But, as a consumer of and decision-maker regarding law enforcement training for my agency, I find almost everything about his video to be off-putting; he simply lacked humility and failed to connect with me. I think the whole SOB thing may have gone to his head, and that bravado, no matter how hard-won, is not always a selling point. This isn’t 13 years ago…LE is now overrun with tactical trainers, many of whom are very qualified

    I was blown away by Kyle Lamb the first time I met him in 2004. He was, and remains, humble and gracious, while exuding quiet professionalism. What struck me was that he understand that some of his experience was relevant to LE, some wasn’t, and that he was learning while he taught. And look where that attitude took him. I don’t doubt that John McPhee has the creds, but he is not particularly unique at this stage of the game.

    Anyway, I do wish him well and offer this criticism in the hopes that it helps him succeed. Because ultimately it matters most that LE has the knowledge, skills, abilities, tools, and leadership they need to protect the community and oppose those who would do us harm.

    • Matt says:

      …he *understood* that…

      My apologies.

    • Jason says:

      I can see where you’re coming from. It’s partially the way he talks. I can see how some people would be annoyed because it sounds like he’s talking down to people. Probably not his intention but that’s how some would interpret what he says and how he’s saying it. The aviators don’t help lol.