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Agilite Gear – Right To Bear Arms T-Shirt


Support for the 2nd Amendment isn’t confined to just the USA, as shown with Agilite’s newest t-shirt. Agilite’s Right to Bear Arms shirt was designed in Israel, featuring Agilite’s own trademarked 2nd Amendment design. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt is “…coated with a special coating to protect it from damage cause by liberal tears.”

Available in sizes S-XXXL.



10 Responses to “Agilite Gear – Right To Bear Arms T-Shirt”

  1. yudda says:

    Ridiculous …considering in Israel you DO NOT have the right to bear arms.
    Israel does not have a constitution, let alone a Bill of Rights

    I am a dual citizen. Born and raised in FL. Back home I’m a C3/SOT license holder …. here I am not even allowed to own a BB gun.

    Bottom Line….Just another company trying to jump on the 2A marketing bandwagon….I guess cool guy patches and operator beards are next.

  2. CRH says:

    Imitation is the ultimate for of flattery……

  3. Yudda says:

    Please re-read my post…I’m an Expat Florida cracker living in Israel….I vote and pay taxes in both countries..I have every right to bitch.

    If Agilite is truly with the American people regarding the 2nd amendment …. They could always donate all the proceeds to some 2nd amendment non profit.

    Now where’s the Vagasil ?

    • No need to re-read. I understood your post. What I do not understand is why it bothers you so much that someone made a T-shirt. You act like a company producing a T-Shirt is the political message for an entire company. Perhaps they view this as a way to try and start a movement to get this very kind of freedom.

      You have no RIGHT to bitch, unless you fear persecution from the government. You use that word “right”, but I do not think it means what you think it means. Perhaps you should take a break from lambasting everything you see and actually “re-read” the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Perhaps you should donate all the proceeds you make here to some non-profit in Israel?

      Try gargling the Vagisil after letting it dissolve in a warm glass of Ex-lax. The combination should help loosen your stool to assist in extracting that ego stick you have wedged so firmly up your ass while simultaneously remedying the itch you seem to get if someone does something that is not 100% to your liking even though you lack an intelligent way of articulating a logic based argument against it without resorting to “But it MAKES ME SOOOOOO MAD”.

      It should absorb into the soft tissue of your mouth and hopefully go straight to your brain for more immediate results.

  4. Reverend says:

    What I would like to see? The PEOPLE of the world decide that taking up arms in self-defense should be a personal decision, not a political one…

    …But as long as the general populace has a steady diet of cheap junk food, and mind-numbing television… No worries about that happening. Now, is it?