Quaff With Smith Optics And S&S Precision At SOFIC 2014


Join Smith Optics and S&S Precision for the 2nd Annual Gelande Quaffing Championship being held Wednesday, May 21st in Tampa, Florida – Dock Slip in front of Jackson’s Bistro. Teams for the competition must consist of four members, all over the age of 21; costumes are not only welcome, but will also help teams in gaining points. The contest is international, so everyone is welcome, although participants must be willing to drink “…weak a** Yank Beer”. Last year, Team Mystery Ranch took the championship in strong fashion, and are likely hungry for a second victory, so all participants better bring their A-game.

If you’re attending, be sure to bring a bit of cash as there will also be a silent auction for some great gear, with the proceeds going to support the All In All The Time Foundation.

Not sure what this whole Gelände Quaffing thing is all about? Read this and then check out the video.

In 1986, the skis were skinny and the snow was fat, during a 14 foot storm, the infamous underground crew of the Jackson Hole Air Force was going stir crazy in the Bear Claw Café, waiting for the mountain to open. In those days the bartender would send a freshly filled beer mug sliding down the bar to the patron who ordered it. One fateful night a beer mug slid off the end of the bar, took air, was caught seconds before a glass shattering catastrophe, and promptly pounded. Gelände Quaffing was born. Apres’ ski competitions followed, testing the unique skills of all who entered, and provided exciting entertainment for all spectators. But somewhere along the way Gelände Quaffing was lost and the après ski spirit forgotten.

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11 Responses to “Quaff With Smith Optics And S&S Precision At SOFIC 2014”

  1. JM says:

    Last year was epic. Cant wait until next week.

  2. Bob T. Tailor predicts his epic win at this years Quaff.

  3. Da Hui says:

    Yes! This event was epic last year! can’t wait

  4. MacGregor says:

    Why does this not happen more often?!

  5. Jay says:

    It’s 11:00 am on a monday and now all I want to do is play drinking games… Great.

  6. Chris says:

    Hell yeah! Looks SOFIC-ING fun! Is this going to take place anywhere else?

  7. First Blood says:

    I hear team Beyond is going dressed as Game Of Thrones characters! Fear the power of the North!

  8. jf says:

    Awesome event! Great time…better cause Don’t miss it.

  9. Dr. says:

    Pirates, Parrots, Beer Sliding, yachting, oh my. Let’s get nautical people. Quaff or Die!!!