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Powertraveler – Solargorilla And Powergorilla


Powertraveler’s Solargorilla and Powergorilla are two rugged, versatile power solutions designed for heavy outdoor use. When combined, both products make a complete portable power station which easily accommodates most if not all required electronic devices.


The Powergorilla is a rugged, powerful universal battery capable of output voltages of 5V to 24V. The Powergorilla can charge up to two devices simultaneously from the USB and DC ports. It comes with a wide selection of major laptop and mobile adaptors. When fully charged, the Powergorilla is capable of powering and fully charging:

– Laptops – up to 2 times
– Tablets – up to 3 times
– Satellite phones – up to 8 times
– Two-way radios – up to 8 times
– Smartphones – up to 10 times
– Action cameras – up to 12 times

The Powergorilla is also 5590/2590 compatible. Charges via AC mains, with an input voltage of 15-30V. The total capacity of the Powergorilla is 21000mAh (77 watts). Includes a neoprene storage case, with two mesh pockets for storing the accompanying adaptors. The Powergorilla comes fully charged out of the box for immediate use.


The Solargorilla is a rugged, water resistant solar panel, capable of output voltages of 5V to 20V. It comes with a wide selection of major laptop and mobile adaptors, allowing for the charging of:

– Laptops (40w and under)
– Mobile phones
– Satellite phones
– Two-way radios
– PNGs
– Head lamps
– Action cameras
– Flashlights
– And more

A green LED featured on the bottom panel acts as a charging indicator, letting the user know that power is being supplied. The Solargorilla comes with a neoprene storage case, which includes two mesh pockets for storing the accompanying adaptors.


Unsurprisingly, the Solargorilla can also be used to recharge the Powergorilla, and will take approximately 18 hours for a complete charge.



2 Responses to “Powertraveler – Solargorilla And Powergorilla”

  1. I have the extreme which is the size down from these and so far have been very happy. It with a Duracell CEF23 AA/AAA charger and all my goodies for hiking stay powered.

  2. Steve says:

    We’ve got the Extreme sets as well and are satisfied, but always looking for more power. The Gorilla units have terrible reviews on Amazon, but there’s always the risk they’re written by competitors. Hope somebody here can post an actual user review of the Gorilla system.