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‘The Lieutenant Don’t Know’ Father’s Day Sale


Father’s day is fast approaching, and in honor of this, Jeff Clement is offering signed copies of his book ‘The Lieutenant Don’t Know – One Marine’s Story of Warfare and Combat Logistics in Afghanistan’ on his website, at 10% off purchase price. All you have to do is use code DADSDAY at checkout to take advantage of the offer.

‘The Lieutenant Don’t Know’ details the experiences of Jeff Clement through two deployments as a Marine Corps lieutenant, leading combat convoys across southern Afghanistan. It is currently available for purchase on Jeff Clement’s website, as a Kindle eBook, and Barnes and Noble bookstores nationwide.


11 Responses to “‘The Lieutenant Don’t Know’ Father’s Day Sale”

  1. JC says:

    Did you read his book or do you know the author to a degree where you can comment from first-hand experience? If so, enlighten us on why he’s a “d bag”.

    If not, shut up and stop being a ball sack.

    Even then, at least he got off his ass to write something and got it published. What have you accomplished?

  2. JC says:

    Well, it seems SSD struck first and cut Matt’s silly comment out.

    • SSD says:

      I did because I’m sick of hit and run antics. But I appreciate your comments.

  3. Jeff Clement says:

    I have always tried my damnedest to avoid d-baggery…it’s up to the reader to decide how successful I was…

  4. Matt says:

    I didn’t hit and run, I read the book I just don’t understand why everyone who deploys feels the need to write a book, I’m also sick of non combat troops saying that they did infantry tasks and jobs. I counted boxes of chem lights and issued chow managed fuel consumption does that make me a logistics unit leader?

  5. JC says:

    Okay hero, here’s a simple question. Have you been published?

    What’s that again?…No you say?


  6. Matt says:

    Why do I need to be published… what does that have to do with anything I did during and 11 year long career as an infantryman before I was medically retired. This isn’t a pissing contest. I was merely stating that IMO offering signed copies of a book like you are some celebrity makes you come off like a d bag.

    • SSD says:

      Perhaps Dalton Fury is a d-bag? He just released a new book yesterday and he gives away signed copies all of the time.

      • Dalton Fury says:

        I’ve certainly been called worse. I enjoy giving copies away to our serving young troops and our veterans. They don’t ask for the signature, and I’m sure could care less, but it gives me something to do. Congrats on the book Jeff. Takes a ton of commitment and sacrifice to get 100k words on paper and see it through to publication.

  7. JC says:

    So you’re the guy who says he is sick of non-combat troops writing books, yet you say you bothered to read it. Did you buy it? What did the author say? Is he playing himself off as a hardened warrior?

    Call me overly suspicious, but you’re likely just lying and you don’t know shit about what the book says, beyond some Amazon review.

    If you had ever gone through the effort to write and were published, I’d cut you some slack because you’d have some sense of the things that drive people to write. You’d also have the experience and maturity to know that if not for the wide range of servicemembers who’ve written about their service in conflicts past, we’d have a pretty hollow history of past conflicts. You’d have a bit of cred to base your critique on.

    But you can’t even do that. You just come onto SSD’s site and bitch like a jealous punk.

    Like I said, just STFU.

  8. JC says:

    Your getting this reaction because your opinion is just plain dumb.