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Sneak Peak – TACOST Rifle Card Set From TRICON

Last year, we wrote about Trident Concepts’ TACOST (TAsk, COnditions, & STandards) card set, a series of firearms training drills based around a standard 52 card playing deck. Since the introduction of TACOST, only pistol drills have been available, however TRICON has now expanded the line to include rifle drills. Although the new set isn’t yet available on TRICON’s website, they did send a deck for us to check out.


Developed by Jeff Gonzales, TRICON’s TACOST (TAsk, COnditions & STandards) card set offers four different rifle training groups: marksmanship, speed, baseline, and dry fire, with 13 training exercises per group. These are kind of like training decks for other sports with different exercises or drills in this case on each card. The drills are clearly explained with information including range, rounds fired, point penalties, and a basic explanation. Additionally, the deck includes Legend and Safety Rules cards. In a pinch, the cards can also function as a full deck of playing cards, as they’re marked with all four suits and 13 ranks.

Available soon from Trident Concepts – www.tridentconcepts.com/tacost-training-program


2 Responses to “Sneak Peak – TACOST Rifle Card Set From TRICON”

  1. Greg says:

    Gonna get a couple of these for some buddies, neat idea.

  2. Both the pistol and rifle set are available for purchase on their web site.

    Looks interesting.