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ADS Federal Range Day – Polaris Defense


The Polaris Sportsman Ace combines aspects of an ATV with features found on Polaris’ line of side by side vehicles. A certified ROPS cab frame and bolstered bucket seat with 3-point seat belt secures the rider within the Ace. The Ace also sports more traditional automotive style controls, including a tilt steering wheel and floor-mounted pedals, as well as instrumentation such as a tachometer, analogue speedometer, and AWD indicator; an included DC outlet allows the driver medium through which to power their devices. The Ace has a combined storage weight capacity of 360 lbs. through the front covered storage bin and rearward bed, and is capable of towing upwards of 1500 lbs.


The engine is a 4-stroke Pro-Star single cylinder with 32HP peak horsepower, and an electronic fuel injection system and liquid cooling, and is placed at the rear of the vehicle. The Ace comes with a 5.25 gallon fuel tank. The drive system is on-demand true AWD / 2WD.

The Sportsman Ace looks to make for a great vehicle for Law Enforcement and Government agencies, including Military customers. It combines the AWD capability of a traditional ATV with the safety and controls of a side by side, making it an excellent single occupant vehicle which can be utilized for patrol, surveillance, off-road pursuit, and tracking.


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