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82nd Continues To Evaluate Polaris DAGOR

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

The 82nd Abn Div has been evaluating DAGOR light wheeled vehicles by Polaris. DAGOR was the Polaris Defense submission for the US Army’s Ultra Light Combat Vehicle program and have been with the Division for several months. Most recently, they were used at Ft Bragg’s Air Assault School, offering students with an opportunity to slingload the vehicle.

A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter assigned to the 2nd Assault Helicopter Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, lifts a polaris dagor in support of the XVIII Airborne Corps’ DeGlopper Air Assault School on Fort Bragg, N.C., Mar. 23, 2017. (U.S. Army Photos by Capt. Adan Cazarez)

Polaris Wins Canadian Special Forces Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle Contract

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS (December 20, 2016) — Public Works and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has awarded its Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV) contract to Polaris, following an open and competitive bid process. The $15.5 USD million contract includes DAGOR vehicles, maintenance and operator training, spare parts, and the option for additional vehicles (at an additional cost) to meet the requirements of Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).

Ultralight ground mobility is at the forefront of many military’s needs – especially the Canadian Special Forces, which can deploy on extremely short notice for counter-terrorism operations and other time-sensitive Special Operation Forces (SOF) missions. The DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle is just as deployable and was designed to be modular and light-weight to support a variety of expeditionary missions.

The ULCV contract is structured to provide CANSOFCOM with a custom vehicle to meet Canada’s unique SOF requirement. The flexible DAGOR platform will undergo engineering and mission configurations to incorporate new features and capabilities, including redesigned payload configuration, weapons mounts, electrical system improvements, and integrated communication systems. The final vehicle configuration, testing, and production of the ULCV will be a collaborative effort with CANSOFCOM.

“We are extremely pleased to have won the contract following the competitive process to provide our DAGOR vehicles to CANSOFCOM as this major international program award builds on our strong current domestic base,” said John Olson, PhD, vice president and general manager of Polaris Government and Defense. “We are proud to partner with the Canadian government and industry to deliver this ground mobility capability and the lifecycle support to smartly sustain it. Our program management, engineering, operations, and logistics teams are looking forward to working closely with our Canadian customer.

Olson added, “We greatly appreciated PSPC’s professionalism and found the ULCV procurement to be rigorous, thorough and well-executed as they delivered clear requirements, were extremely responsive to industry questions, and crisply executed the entire effort.”

With seating for up to nine, DAGOR comprises the optimal balance of rapid air transportability, payload capacity and advanced mobility. DAGOR gives an advantage back to dismounted warfighters, allowing formations to move faster, carry more and significantly reduce combat fatigue. And its weight and size allow it to be internally transportable on a variety of in-service aircraft, including CH-47 and C-130.

Polaris Government and Defense vehicles deliver a coveted combination of deployability, versatility and off-road mobility, forged from more than 60 years of off-road vehicle experience that is simply unmatched. Vehicles include the rugged Sportsman MV 850, the modular and nimble MRZR, and the DAGOR, which expands upon the range, payload and off-road mobility of any previous tactical off-road vehicle. The enhanced tactical mobility provided by Polaris Government and Defense gives an advantage back to dismounted troops, allowing formations to move faster, carry more and significantly reduce combat fatigue. Polaris FSR support is scalable worldwide and includes military vehicle training, service and maintenance. It also can be supplemented internationally through the Polaris network of distributors. And because Polaris vehicles are in service throughout the world, there is a high degree of interoperability and commonality among U.S. and allied forces.


Polaris Defense Unveils Turbo Diesel MRZR

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS (May 18, 2016) — Polaris Defense, a division of Polaris Industries Inc., today announced the addition of a high-performance MRZR turbo diesel (MRZR-D) to its MRZR off-road vehicle lineup. MRZRs have redefined ultralight, off-road mobility for military vehicles and are mission critical for expeditionary forces in the U.S. and more than 20 allied countries to meet mission demands and threats while forward deployed. Polaris Defense will publicly debut the MRZR-D at the 2016 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), in Tampa, Fla., May 24-26, and at CANSEC 2016, in Ottawa, Ontario, May 25-26.

To be as expeditionary as the warfighters that use them, MRZR vehicles are V-22 helicopter transportable and can be configured a number of ways, including two-, four- and six-person. The turbo-charged diesel engine in the new MRZR-D has been engineered to meet the performance and physical specs of the original MRZR vehicles. While many key features – like the dimensions, payload, towing, ground clearance, accessories, handling and other features – remain the same, Polaris incorporated feedback from the field in the new product, including updated occupant seating space, ergonomics and sightlines. The MRZR-D also provides increased auxiliary power and greater range, making it even more effective.

“The new turbo diesel powertrain is significant in reducing the logistics burden for select U.S. services and many foreign militaries that have strict requirements for diesel fuel,” said Jed Leonard, senior manager, Polaris Defense. “And as importantly for our military customers, we’ve engineered this diesel powertrain to meet the same mission requirements and extreme off-road performance that Polaris and the MRZR are trusted for in peacetime, security operations, and conventional military missions.” 


“Throughout the last three years, we’ve had an open dialogue with Polaris about how we were using the MRZRs, and enhancements that would help us complete our missions more effectively. This has been very beneficial to us in the program office and the warfighters as Polaris has incorporated our requests. In the case of the MRZR-D, we suggested changes to improve sightlines and ergonomics which were incorporated.” said Brendon Reedy, LTATV acquisition program manager, PEO-SW/FOSOV, USSOCOM. “It’s nice to see commercial companies such as Polaris continue to invest in the Defense industry and we’re happy those investments have resulted in a turbo-diesel MRZR.”


Production continues for the original gas powertrain MRZR 2 and MRZR 4 under the LTATV program for USSOCOM and other international contracts. Orders for the 4-seat turbo-charged MRZR-D are being accepted now, with production and deliveries also starting this year. The MRZR-D will be in Polaris Defense booth #1735 at SOFIC in Tampa and booth #331 at CANSEC in Ottawa.


Polaris Defense vehicles deliver a coveted combination of deployability, versatility and off-road mobility, forged from more than 60 years of off-road vehicle experience that is simply unmatched. From the rugged Sportsman MV 850 to the modular and nimble MRZR, to the trophy truck inspired and ultimate off-road payload capable DAGOR, the enhanced tactical mobility provided by Polaris vehicles gives an advantage back to dismounted troops, allowing formations to move faster, carry more and significantly reduce combat fatigue. And because the vehicles are in service throughout the world, there is a high degree of interoperability and commonality among U.S. and allied forces. An established network of more than 1,400 Polaris dealers and distributors provide military vehicle training, service and support worldwide.

Polaris Defense to Launch New MRZR at SOFIC

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Here’s a sneak peek for you.


Polaris Defense MRZRs Now Delivering Under New $83 Million IDIQ Contract

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015


MINNEAPOLIS (August 24, 2015) — USSOCOM has awarded Polaris Defense a new, sole source, firm-fixed-price contract for the MRZR off-road vehicle platform and vehicle delivery started earlier this month. The $83 million, five year, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, signed in July, continues delivery order options on MRZR 2 and MRZR 4 vehicles – along with contractor logistics support (CLS) for spares, training and support as part of the light tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV) program. Since 2013, Polaris Defense has been delivering MRZR vehicles to USSOCOM under a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) against a GSA contract.

“We’ve been providing the MRZR for three years to USSOCOM and this contract reiterates that ultralight mobility is still a critical component of Special Operations Forces missions,” said Rich Haddad, Polaris Defense General Manager. “These are extremely configurable platforms, providing operators the ability to quickly prepare for missions even in the most extreme terrain. MRZRs provide extreme mobility SOF can count on, that deploys in tactical air, providing maximum flexibility.”

The MRZR is a highly mobile off-road platform that is CV-22 internally transportable and can be configured a number of ways to help expeditionary forces meet mission requirements for emerging threats, while forward deployed. Some common tactical features of these off-road platforms include increased payload, standard winch, electronic power steering, aircraft tie-downs, fold down rollover protective structures (ROPS), large cargo boxes, IR light capability and blackout mode.

“Our customers appreciate that we use robust commercial off-the-shelf components for intuitive operation and easier maintenance worldwide,” said Haddad. “Our MRZRs are in service in more than 20 countries, providing a high degree of interoperability and commonality among U.S. and allied forces.”

Polaris Defense brings game-changing resources to the military in the area of ultra-light off-road mobility as part of a larger, commercial company. Polaris provides a wealth of engineering, production and sustainability resources that come with being a recognized leader in the off-road vehicle industry. Polaris maintains a robust global network of dealers, distributors, and subsidiaries, providing dedicated full life-cycle support for these vehicles throughout the world. And with a proven and well-established Defense team, the company works closely with military customers to gain a thorough understanding of their off-road mobility needs, as well as their support requirements when they operate globally.


Polaris Defense – Contract Awarded For Ground Guidance Route Planning Software Integration Into ATAK

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Ground Guidance Screen Shot

MINNEAPOLIS (August 13, 2015) — A contract for Ground Guidance software expands the patented route planning and terrain analysis software for the U.S. Army by integrating it into the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) platform. The software suite from Primordial, which is owned by Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), provides on and off-road routing for mounted and dismounted soldiers, accounting for terrain, weather, enemy activity and equipment load. The contract also includes a computer-based training (CBT) package.

Military small unit leaders face complex tradeoffs when selecting equipment and routes. Ground Guidance, when integrated into platforms like ATAK, plans efficient and safe routes to and from mission objectives and allows soldiers to account for other variables that impact speed and time.

“We continue to expand the integration of Ground Guidance onto our mission planning platforms because it accelerates mission planning, enables dynamic and rapid re-planning, facilitates thorough course of action (COA) analysis, and is critical for remote mission planning,” said LTC Robert Klarenbach, U.S. Army. “Bottom line, it increases the combat effectiveness of our soldiers.”

Also, with each platform and integration comes user evaluation and testing to improve the software and verify the accuracy of route metrics such as distance, duration, energy expenditure, calories burned and exhaustion.

“Ground Guidance dramatically accelerates mission planning, facilitates on-the-fly re-planning, and improves route quality by automatically generating fast and concealed routes through on- and off-road terrain,” said Randy Milbert, Director of Software, Polaris. “As a result, small combat teams are more autonomous, nimble and adaptable in quickly changing battlefield conditions.”

Ground Guidance has been integrated into FalconView, TerraExplorer, Nett Warrior, X-Plan, Ringtail, Tactical Ground Reporting (TIGR) and Google Earth. Primordial has also secured Ground Guidance contracts with major defense contractors including General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon.


SOFIC 2015 – Polaris Defense DAGOR

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

This is the first public showing at SOFIC for the DAGOR vehicle from Polaris Defense. Last year, it was still under wraps amd interested parties were shuttled to a nearby warehouse to take a peek.   

DAGOR is Polaris Defense’s first vehicle built specifically for military use from the ground up. While Polaris products are well known in the military space, they have all been adaptations of commercially available items. From the beginning, Polaris had a nine man vehicle in mind and set the design to fit well into a specific gap in the SOF Family of Vehicles.

In fact, if they were to create a new vehicle today to comply with the Ultra Lightweight Combat Vehicle requirement, Jed Leonard Manager Advanced Mobility Platforms at Polaris Defense told me that it would look like DAGOR.

I asked Leonard about the vehicle’s strength and he related that DAGOR is optimized to carry military payloads in extreme terrain, and is a great balance of Transportability, Usability and Mobility. That means you can get it where it needs to be and reliably drive it while you’re there.

DAGOR is built with commercially available components such as the drive train. This commonality means spares are available worldwide at lower pricing and makes them easier to work on. Additionally, Polaris Defense is working with Rousch for vehicle performance enhancement.


In order to answer the specifics of the recent Ultra Light Combat Vehicle program, Polaris added a roll over protection system to the rear compartment of vehicle as well as other requirement specific items.

They’ve related that DAGORs are currently in service with SOF customers and that they’re getting great feedback. All certification testing is complete including airdrop, sling load and internal transport. They’ve also completed government durability testing.

The vehicle curb weight is less than 4,500lbs to maximize tactical aircraft operational range and has a payload capacity of 3,250lbs. The width of DAGOR facilitates rapid loading into the CH-47 Chinook platform without modification and the weight allows it to be sling loaded under the UH-60 Black Hawk. The vehicle has completed certification testing for CH-47 Chinook Internal Air Transport (IAT), air drop and UH-60 Black Hawk Sling Load.

While I won’t get into specifics, I can say that I’m very surprised at how cost competitive the DAGOR is when compared to other vehicles in the same weight class. It’s available commercially off-the-shelf, right now. Also, the use of COTS parts makes maintenance sound much less daunting than many other vehicles which should result in lower life cycle costs.


IDEX – Polaris Defense DAGOR Debuts Internationally

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

We’ve mentioned the Polaris Defense DAGOR in the past. It’s gained a lot of interest here domestically and now it’s making its international debut.

Polaris was the first ATV manufacturer to supply militarized off-road vehicles to the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army over 20 years ago. The extensive success of those vehicles in theater led to the introduction of a complete line of military-specific vehicles, including several successful contracts throughout the Middle East. Polaris Defense continues to work closely with the United States and Allied forces, with products operational in over 70 countries.


Throughout EMEA, the Polaris Defense family of ultra-light vehicles is aligned with the region’s broad, emerging ultra-light mobility needs. To meet light mobility requirements, Polaris Defense provides a family of ultra-light vehicles: the MV850 all-terrain vehicle (ATV), the MRZR lightweight tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV), and the DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle (ULCV), which is making its international debut at IDEX. These vehicles all provide off road mobility at full payload, and with ease of transportability using tactical air assets.

With the ability to carry a nine-man infantry squad, DAGOR is Polaris’ largest offering in size and payload. DAGOR was designed for light infantry and special operations forces to be easily transported by tactical air and to carry its full 3,250 lbs of payload in extreme off-road terrain to be mission effective. DAGOR also is supported with a COTS supply chain making it easy to use and easy to maintain anywhere in the world.

Polaris Defense has been a leader supplying a family of ultra-light, off-road vehicles that are widely adopted within the U.S. military, and have been sold to more than 20 countries worldwide, including here in the Middle East. U.S. Special Forces also recognized and thanked Polaris in 2014 for the company’s rapid delivery and support of the Lightweight Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (LTATV) contract with their MRZR platform. The USSOCOM contract and MRZR contracts here in the Middle East, include support of user evaluation and government testing, delivery of vehicles with tactical accessories, and providing training and sustainment parts.

At IDEX 2015, Polaris Defense is showcasing the MV850 ATV, MRZR LTATV, and DAGOR ULCV. With a robust global network of dealers, distributors, and subsidiaries, Polaris Defense provides full life-cycle support of these vehicles throughout the world.