IDEX – Polaris Defense DAGOR Debuts Internationally

We’ve mentioned the Polaris Defense DAGOR in the past. It’s gained a lot of interest here domestically and now it’s making its international debut.

Polaris was the first ATV manufacturer to supply militarized off-road vehicles to the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Army over 20 years ago. The extensive success of those vehicles in theater led to the introduction of a complete line of military-specific vehicles, including several successful contracts throughout the Middle East. Polaris Defense continues to work closely with the United States and Allied forces, with products operational in over 70 countries.


Throughout EMEA, the Polaris Defense family of ultra-light vehicles is aligned with the region’s broad, emerging ultra-light mobility needs. To meet light mobility requirements, Polaris Defense provides a family of ultra-light vehicles: the MV850 all-terrain vehicle (ATV), the MRZR lightweight tactical all-terrain vehicle (LTATV), and the DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle (ULCV), which is making its international debut at IDEX. These vehicles all provide off road mobility at full payload, and with ease of transportability using tactical air assets.

With the ability to carry a nine-man infantry squad, DAGOR is Polaris’ largest offering in size and payload. DAGOR was designed for light infantry and special operations forces to be easily transported by tactical air and to carry its full 3,250 lbs of payload in extreme off-road terrain to be mission effective. DAGOR also is supported with a COTS supply chain making it easy to use and easy to maintain anywhere in the world.

Polaris Defense has been a leader supplying a family of ultra-light, off-road vehicles that are widely adopted within the U.S. military, and have been sold to more than 20 countries worldwide, including here in the Middle East. U.S. Special Forces also recognized and thanked Polaris in 2014 for the company’s rapid delivery and support of the Lightweight Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (LTATV) contract with their MRZR platform. The USSOCOM contract and MRZR contracts here in the Middle East, include support of user evaluation and government testing, delivery of vehicles with tactical accessories, and providing training and sustainment parts.

At IDEX 2015, Polaris Defense is showcasing the MV850 ATV, MRZR LTATV, and DAGOR ULCV. With a robust global network of dealers, distributors, and subsidiaries, Polaris Defense provides full life-cycle support of these vehicles throughout the world.

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