Finally, a Brian Williams Meme Worth Sharing



25 Responses to “Finally, a Brian Williams Meme Worth Sharing”

  1. chuck says:

    that’s the answer…he’s a cyborg with a time limit. His time is up

  2. Chuck says:

    Does Brian Williams dream of electric sheep?

  3. Black6ID says:

    Like….like near Betelgeuse or Bellatrix?!

  4. Terry says:

    Yes. This is pure gold.

  5. rob371 says:

    It’s too bad she won’t live….but then again, who does?

  6. Gizmo says:

    Someone left an origami crane on his desk before he went on air that day.

  7. CAVstrong says:

    …………I don’t get the reference…..

  8. CapnTroy says:

    I’m not in the business. I am the business.

  9. Dellis says:

    “At the moment God spoke, ‘Let there be light’…..I was there” – B.Williams

  10. lightfighter says:

    He hasn’t seen one thing that he richly deserves to see – a pink-slip

  11. Patrick says:

    I’ve heard he received one of the rings of power from Sauron.

  12. Danke says:

    I’ve done… questionable things.

  13. SGT Rock says:

    “You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down…”

  14. strike-hold says:

    “Wake up! Time to die!”

  15. AED says:

    Why is anyone surprised. He’s an entertainer, really nothing more. He’s in the same class of actors, who get paid millions to portray tough guys, BTDT guys, soldiers, cops, and somehow we put them into icon status, and they start believing their own bullshit.

  16. Dellis says:

    Ya know what would be a funny and entertaining deal? Someone start a Brian Williams Saga piece…it could be started with one simple sentence such as,

    “I was once embedded with a DELTA team, and yes believe me when I say they do exist, even though I was sworn to secrecy. We were charged with……….”

    And from there it gets added to by others and passed around. It could become a best selling book and movie.

    “50 Shades Of B. Williams”

  17. Tom says:

    Was this before or after he invited the internet with Al Gore?

  18. reverend says:

    Damn you, just burst out laughing in the most boring meeting ever…

  19. Jim Southerland says:

    In the 60s, Brian was embedded with us in the US ARMY seals. When we went on blacks op in the south of france, Palm Springs and Oahu, brian was right there with us.

    He also completed our black op infil training. We jumped out of civilian jet liners with only a golf umbrella, black of course. Ol’ brian was right there with us doing those insertions.

    When the top secret classification is lifted, I’ll tell you a hair raising tale of how Bran and his AMEX card got us out of a tough jam in Monaco during a black op.