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SOFIC 2014 – Magpul L-Plate


Occasionally, one of my best finds at a trade show will turn out to be something that has been around for some time. While most of the shooting world has adopted polymer rifle magazines there are still those who are required to use the US GI 30 round mag, such as the Marine Corps. Years ago, Magpul introduced the L-Plate, a low profile base plate that replaces the base plate on the issue mag. It’s made from Santorene over molded onto a steel plate. Unlike the Ranger Plate, the L-Plate has a much lower, streamlined shape that is easy to grab and has channels for cordage if you use that to aid in pulling them from mags or the old-school carabiner storage for empties. The L-Plate also serves as a bumber to help lengthen the life cycle of the mag.


I think that the L-Plate is a great after market upgrade for US GI 30 round mags. Sold in packs of 3. Check it out.

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2 Responses to “SOFIC 2014 – Magpul L-Plate”

  1. Giff says:

    supposedly named after Lumpy from arfcom. I remember when this thing came out. Haven’t really thought about it in years though.

  2. Buck Thomas says:

    Thanks for throwing that up, i had no idea these were around either. Have a black footlocker full of old G.I. mags (now relegated to training only) i need to outfit with these.