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The World’s First Sleeping Bag Hammock – Bison Bag

Bison 1

The Bison Bag is a combination sleeping bag and hammock currently up for funding on Kickstarter. The Bison Bag is made from 170T polyester with a pu coating. Rated for 55 degrees, the filling is polyester microfiber 220gsm.

A #5 double head zipper allows the user to close up the bag while they’re inside. The final product will come with nylon cord and carabiners for mounting. Weighs 2.5 lbs and stows into a bag measuring 16″ x 8″ x 8″. If funding is successful, will initially be available in Forest Green.



5 Responses to “The World’s First Sleeping Bag Hammock – Bison Bag”

  1. Ipkiss says:

    First thing that came to my mind when I saw the colours of the rocks was: Jerven Fjellduken. Then combine it with a Hennessey Hammock and you’re done (also weatherproof). However I wish them all the best with this.

  2. Samuel Leoon Suggs says:


  3. .308 says:


  4. Falco says:

    This is not the world’s first sleeping bag hammock by far. If you want a better version of this, you should check at MadTree’s Tarseer http://www.madtree.fi/products/tarseer.html

  5. Luke says:

    This is why I hate kickstater… Great ideas with horrible execution. As far as I can tell the insulation on the bottom is not hanging from the hammock but is inside it, meaning the user will crush it. Also I hope that PU coating is pretty light or that is going to be one sweaty bag. Why not a nice uncoated DWR fabric? Who knows…. I see this being a hit with the Poler Napsack crowd though.