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World’s First 14-in-1 Adventure & Survival Recon Watch

Recon 6 watch

Tim Ralston has made quite a name for himself in the Prepper world creating numerous products including the a rover. This time it’s the Recon 6 watch, which is a multi-featured, rugged timepiece built for outdoor use currently up for funding on Kickstarter. The watch features a scratch and chip resistant mineral glass face with an anti-reflective coating. The hands are phosphorescent, and the watch also has a rotating bezel ring and enhanced date window. Aside from being a watch, the Recon 6 also includes the following accessories:

– Multi-Tool
– Blade with sheep hook design for dressing out small game
– Bottle opener
– Can opener
– Fire striker
– Signaling mirror
– Fire starter good up to 5000 fire starts
– Aluminum rescue wistle
– 25 ft. of braided fishing line with 2 small fish hooks
– Magnifying glass
– EMP proof, liquid fill compass
– LED flashlight


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12 Responses to “World’s First 14-in-1 Adventure & Survival Recon Watch”

  1. Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

    You could integrate most of that stuff into a paracord watch band except maybe the mirror and multi-tool. Granted it would be somewhat lumpy depending on how you designed the inner sleeve but you would have the added benefit of two small lengths of paracord and you could easily integrate an exacto blade for crafting small traps, cleaning small game and the like.

    • tim Ralston says:

      The Recon 6 also comes with a paracord bracelet and the food grade container that it is packaged in, can be re-purposed as a fire in a can survival project.

  2. tirod says:

    Dump the altoids can level survival gear and just wear a good watch. Seiko Divers pretty much epitomize the kind needed – 18 to 21 jewel, at least 18000 bph, auto wind (emp resistant) and actually Diver tested and rated, not just some number on the dial. Plenty just like it to choose from – don’t go overboard on the tritium, just get a good quality one reputed to last the entire night – which eliminates a lot of poser show boat watches.

    A good stainless link band is all you need, webbing picks up skin cells which incubate bacteria, absorb body fluids or petroleum distillates. Silicon bands aren’t durable and will rip open losing you the watch.

    Save the survival kit for real life size tools and stash it in your lunch bag. Careful with the large knives, your workplace may have policy on that. And if your workplace is the great outdoors, don’t skimp on good tools and an appropriately durable back pack to carry them in.

    Flip back watches with all sorts of gizmos and compasses have been around since the ’70s. And paracord even earlier – most of the actual users moved thru that phase twenty years ago. Being seen with it now marks you as an “operator” – which isn’t OPSEC at all, it’s just a dead giveaway someone isn’t what they seem to be.

  3. Luke says:

    He’s made a name for himself alright. Not any you’d use in polite company. The guy’s a businessman I’ll give him that, I just wish you could mix his drive with someone else’s ideas.

    • Tim says:

      Hi Luke
      I have a new TV show coming out this fall and it is made just for guys like you. I will give you a national platform to showcase YOUR ideas then Guys like you can sit back and take shots at it. If it survives the trolls you, would have the next million dollar winner product that could help save peoples lives and even give American jobs in the process.Time to step up.
      Tim Ralston

    • SuperSoldier41 says:

      Do I smell a troll? C’mon dude admit it, he’s came out with some of the best tool thus far! Definitely one of the leaders in survival that’s for sure… “mix his drive with someone else’s ideas”?? Who like your idea?? So what survival tool(s) have you came out with the trumps Ralston’s? Don’t worry, ill wait…………………..

  4. Darn says:

    It’s a unique idea, thumbs up Tim!

  5. SuperSoldier41 says:

    Tim, you never seem to amaze me brother, love it! Salute!

  6. Tj says:

    I just love to laugh at the guys that wanna pretend they know everything when it comes to survival and slam someone that has actually created AMAZING tools and now a Unique and awesome Watch !
    The funny part is those are the same guys with the fat beer Guts ,
    Cardio conditioning of a 90 yr old asthma patient and tell everyone they were a Sniper in the USMC !
    Save your worthless comments for your nights at the bar with your fat Friends telling made up stories of tours of Duty you’ve never even seen !
    Men like Tim actually contribute to society and help people in need .
    Keep up the Amazing work Tim
    True Men and True Survival teachers love your products !

  7. Mike says:

    I really like the design and purpose. However, I have not seen any price. How much is the watch?

  8. Joe Miriani says:

    Hey Tim,

    Your Recon 6, really sounds like a fantastic idea! I was just wondering if you have seen the comments & suggestions over @gizmag.com? I would be interested in hearing your response… Take care and I plan on checking out your website!!!

    Best Regards,
    Joe Miriani