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ProTek – A New Brand of Tritium Watches

Monday, February 27th, 2023

I recently learned about ProTek Watches from a friend who told me I had missed out on the launch of this new brand during SHOT Show. Turns out, the brand is new, but the man behind it isn’t.

Barry Cohen founded Luminox and turned it into one of the most popular brands of watches for military and law enforcement before selling the brand in 2016. Now he’s back in the game with ProTek.

What you’ll immediately notice is that ProTek watches feature Pro-Glo continuous 25-year illumination powered by Tritium. In fact, that feature helped drive the brand name. According to Barry, the name ProTek was derived by combining the “Pro” reference for professional users like military, LE and first responders along with the “Tek” side of the Pro-Glo illumination.

To create these “All Terrain Watches” Barry once again teamed up with a Swiss designer who also worked with him on the previous watches at Luminox. The team brings over 90 years of design experience to create this line which includes Carbon Composite (300 meters), 316L Stainless Steel (200 meters), and Titanium Field series (100 meters) with more models coming.

Protek has another distinction. They are now the official watch of the US Marine Corps.

ProTek watches are offered with a variety of band and dial colors. Learn more at

SPD Edition Ti-MNPara Strap

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

Vintage Combat Diver’s Classic Watch Strap Updated and Upgraded with Titanium Hardware

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their Ti-MNPara Strap under their Special Projects Division sub-label. A design taken directly from a vintage military classic, the French Navy (Marine Nationale) combat diver’s watch strap. PDW built up from this baseline and used the best grade nylon-Spandex strapping and updated and upgraded this style with aerospace grade titanium hardware for total corrosion resistance on land or under the sea, and 100% non-magnetic as to not interfere with the strap worn compasses such as our EWB-Compass Kit. One of the most comfortable and fully adjustable watch straps available today, the dive-ready Ti-MNPara fits watches with 20, 22, 24mm width lugs.

The SPD Ti-MNPara Strap is available with black or the vintage OD green with yellow parachute rigger’s colorway nylon-Spandex strapping and fine matte finish titanium hardware.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“This are the most comfortable, field worthy watch straps we’ve worn. The originals from the 1960s-70s were a clever example of simple yet effective product design. Like most of what we do, it’s the details that make our designs. We used custom milled nylon strapping with Spandex and this type of elastic is far more durable than generic elastics. And of course, we upgraded and updated the hardware with aerospace grade titanium for total corrosion-proof and non-magnetic performance in any water borne environments. These are fully adjustable and are quick to adjust to wear over wetsuits. These straps are rugged, refined, comfortable and ready for action on land or under the sea.”

The PDW Ti-MNPara Straps are available for $38.00 in 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm widths, and in either black or OD green/yellow nylon-Spandex. Available now via their website,

The Pagoda Watch Company Formally Launches

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

Although they’ve been conducting business since late last year, the Pagoda Watch Company held a launch party last week at The Bike Shed in London.

Pagoda is a true military watch company, founded near Hereford, England by a retired British military Veteran who was joined by several other British and American Veterans. Pagoda’s watches are made in Switzerland to their exacting specifications.

Ti-HDR Strap from PDW

Friday, August 19th, 2022

Nylon Watch Strap with Heavy Duty Titanium Hardware and NATO Type Construction

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their Ti-HDR Strap. A heavier duty, modified version of the classic, military issue, nylon watch strap. This version features the classic double strap layer “NATO-type” construction, heavier duty, custom made titanium rings and buckle, with a sturdy, thicker, yet pliable and comfortable nylon strap. The classic NATO or “G10” strap originally entered service in 1973 with the British Ministry of Defence. PDW built up from this baseline and used heavier gauge titanium in the rings and buckles for total corrosion resistance on land or under the sea, and 100% non-magnetic as to not interfere with the strap worn compasses such as our EWB-Compass Kit. Fits watches with 20, 22, 24mm width lugs.

The PDW Ti-HDR Strap is available with black or OD green nylon and fine matte finish titanium hardware.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“This is the classic NATO strap on corrosion-proof steroids. The strap follows the classic NATO double layer construction and features rings that have been upgraded to a heavier duty rugged titanium and a thicker, yet flexible nylon webbing strap. These straps are bomber and very field worthy.”

The PDW Ti-HDR Straps are available for $33.00 in 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm widths, and in either black or OD green nylon. Available now via their website,

SPD X MKII Paradive Watch

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

Inspired by a Heritage US Military Dive Watch and Exclusive Collaboration with MKII Watches

Prometheus Design Werx under their sub-label Special Projects Division, introduces an exclusive dive watch collaboration with MKII Watches for Summer 2022. The Paradive is a dive watch evolved from the US MIL-W-50717, featuring a mechanical SII NE15 automatic movement, a double domed sapphire crystal with AR coating, 316L SS case, diver elapsed bezel, and waterproof to 20ATM/660’. The design and aesthetic are classic, spartan and purpose driven; the consummate “tool watch”. Exclusive details include their SPD Kraken Trident graphic on the dial and an orange tipped sweep hand. The original versions were issued to US Special Forces and CIA maritime units from the 1960s to the early 1980s, and unavailable commercially. This modernized version will be available to the general public.

The exclusive SPD X MKII Paradive collaboration will include black and OD green PDW Ti-NATO straps and an Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“I’ve known Bill of MKII Watches for around 20 years now and have been a longtime admirer of his work, from his early days with Seiko mods to his contemporary inhouse models inspired by timeless and iconic classics. The MKII Paradive is probably one of his most recognizable models and represents the core of his watch making ethos. It is a watch style as worn by the quiet professionals of an earlier, pre-digital era. We’re big fans of the clean, spartan, and purposeful design of the Paradive. It is an adventurer’s watch, a watch for those who let their actions do the talking. Our edition features the exclusive, subtle details of our SPD Kraken Trident logo on the dial, an orange tipped sweep hand, and a branded case back with serial number.”

The first 50pcs of the SPD X MKII Paradive will be available for $955.00, and a LTD ED Full Set (limited to 5 pcs) paired with a custom Loveless style Chute knife by Wesley Liversage for $1575.00, on July 4th, 2022 at 12:00 noon Pacific via their website,

Raider Rolex: the Seiko MACV-SOG

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

The Vietnam-era MACV-SOG Seiko is the OG “Raider Rolex”: this is a vintage Seiko Automatic Watch 6619-8060 Vietnam SOG-MACV watch from approximately 1967.


The following information was posted by a very interesting Instagram account called Watches of Espionage (@watchesofespionage). It’s a Social Media Account That Doesn’t Suck©®TM and thus is part of the FYSA files (specifically one dealing with tactical watches) The text was taken from multiple posts and also features information from @timelymoments. It has been edited slightly for readability. Additional imagery from @niccoloy, which is also a SMATDS ©®TM.

OG Raider Rolex

There is something about the red “SUN” on this MACV-SOG Seiko that is really cool. I know it’s not unique to this model but I love the detail. I absolutely love this watch and the history behind it. It’s a large part of why I love the brand. History is everything.

Original Seiko-MACV-SOG

The accepted three SOG Seiko models are as follows: 6619-8060 circa 1967, 6119-8100 circa 1968, and the 7005-8030 circa 1970.

The 6619-8060 was likely not actually issued officially but was purchased by members of SOG at the PX. This model is what led to this model of Seiko becoming the (un)official watch of the group and led to the official purchases of 6119-8100 circa 1968 and the 7005-8030 circa 1970.

Modern-Seiko-MACV-SOG with NATO band and survival compass.

It’s smaller than most modern watches but don’t worry, the NATO and tactical compass will still signal to others that you are a man. You can even wear it on the inside of your wrist to let people know you are tactical lmfao.

Above: a modern MACV-SOG Seiko. A modern MACV-SOG Seiko. When I posted my vintage Seiko Automatic 6619-8060 from the late 1960s I was asked if a modern version exists. As far as I can tell the closest thing is this #SNK381K1. Change out the bracelet to a green NATO and add a cool-guy tactical compass and you are 98% of the way there.

Vietnam era MACV-SOG

Vietnam era MACV-SOG “Raider Rolex” Seiko in the field. MACV-SOG Bobby Pruett, 1-0 RT New York, December 1971 – March 1972. I can’t tell which model this is but I’m sure some internet warriors can point it out.

Like most Seikos, it’s relatively affordable and you should be sub-$200 all in. Pretty cool watch.

Seiko-MACV-SOG watch

My first Vietnam era MACV-SOG Seiko, aka the OG “Raider Rolex”. Incredible heritage.


The following pics and text are from @timely_moments, which may be one of the few places to have a collection containing all three SOG Seiko models. 


MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group) was a highly secretive, multi-service, Special Forces (SF) unit which conducted covert and asymmetric military operations between 1964-1972.


Unknown members of MACV-SOG.

The area of operations for this unit spanned Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Their mission statement was “…execute an intensified program of harassment, diversion, political pressure, the capture of prisoners, physical destruction, acquisition of intelligence, generation of propaganda, and diversion of resources, against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.’’


Enter Conrad ‘Ben’ Baker, a gentleman whose remit was procurement. He was responsible for providing kit and equipment to the SOG Operators in order for them to carry out their operations. He took his role so seriously that if there weren’t commercially viable options, he took to creating it himself, examples being rations and the famous SOG Knives issued to MACV-SOG personnel.


Ben Baker would often travel to Vietnam and meet the teams that his equipment was being sent to; on one particular trip, it became apparent that the teams had requested the issue of Rolex watches. He is quoted as saying “at one point every team wanted 12 or 13 Rolex watches, the Oyster model I believe. They got Seiko watches instead at $6 or $8 apiece.” His reasoning for this was that they were already wearing Seiko watches so why fix what wasn’t broken.

The accepted three SOG Seiko models are as follows: 6619-8060 circa 1967, 6119-8100 circa 1968 and the 7005-8030 circa 1970.

Read more about the connection between watches and espionage.



David Reeder is a sometime SOLSYS contributor and reporter-at-large. He is currently the editor of the GunMag Warehouse blog (The Mag Life) and the world’s okayest 1/6 scale kit-basher. 

Garmin Launches tactix 7 Series

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Today Garmin launches the latest update to their tactix line with the 7 series, consisting of three models. I’ve been watching what Garmin has done with their devices for years, as they’ve transitioned from watches with basic ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) functionality with basic global positioning to the addition of mapping, and this latest update is impressive. It goes well beyond a watch, to functionality that rivals a handheld device. They’ve included features I have never even considered seeing on a wrist device. I’m not sure how they’re going to integrate additional capability into future iterations. Once you see what they’ve done, I think you’ll agree.

A word of caution, with that increased functionality comes a higher price. This isn’t some cheap wristwatch. Consequently, units and agencies should consider these a tool as vital as an end user device and issue them to their members.

Here is their press release:

OLATHE, Kan./ April 7, 2022

– Garmin® International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NYSE: GRMN), today announced the tactix® 7 Series, a new class of purpose-built tactical smartwatches.

Leveraging a new 5-button interface with a responsive touch screen, the tactix 7 Series provides dedicated tactical, training and performance features, wrist-based navigation, and comprehensive health and wellness monitoring.

Prepared for operations day and night, the tactix 7 Series now includes an always-on NVG-compatible reflective display and a dedicated multi-LED flashlight for low-light conditions.

Featuring robust battery life across all three models, including enhanced solar charging on select tactix 7 units, users can focus on everything from HIIT workouts to HALO jumps and worry less about recharging.

“The new tactix 7 Series is an ideal premium timepiece for everyday use while pulling double duty as a must-have for any tactical kit.

Whether heading to the gym, hiking with your family or preparing to land on the X, you can depend on tactix 7 to help get you there,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.

“Thanks to premium materials and a new sophisticated design, tactix 7 is a trusted companion whether you’re in the field on assignment or in a meeting with clients. It is truly a watch ready for any challenge.”

Built to endure

The rugged tactix 7 Series is built to a military standard (MIL-STD-810) and water-rated to 10 ATM.

The new metal button guards with reinforced metal lugs are paired with a black DLC coated titanium bezel and rear cover, as well as black tactical nylon QuickFit bands on tactix 7 Pro Series, to create a watch as tough as its users.

Available in three models, all tactix 7 units feature a large 1.4” display a scratch-resistant sapphire lens.

Users can feel confident knowing the sapphire used is considered one of the hardest materials on earth, ensuring the tactix 7 display remains operationally ready even in harsh environments.

New to the tactix 7 Series is a dual touchscreen and button user interface. The traditional button controls work in any environment and are matched with a responsive new touchscreen for direct access to selections and functions. The powerful 5-button and touchscreen interface enables quick and intuitive engagement with the topographical maps, offering confident “off-grid” situational awareness.

To lead the way during night operations, the tactix 7 Series provides a new built-in multi-LED flashlight providing quick access to a bright, steady light in either white or a dedicated green. Users will find the green light useful in maintaining their eyes’ natural night vision.

tactix 7 Series customers can utilize stealth mode, which collects distances traveled and biometric data without recording location data, to physically train or during operations.

Leveraging this security feature ensures customers can use tactix 7–and even upload logged data–without concerns of revealing location information through popular mobile training apps.

By not recording location data to the device, stealth mode also protects operational security should a device become lost.

The tactix 7 Series brings significant battery life gains to the rugged smartwatch family; tactix 7-Standard Edition provides up to four weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode and thanks to advancement in solar technology tactix 7-Pro Series can provide up to 37 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.

Service-ready features

Packed with dedicated features for tactical operations, the tactix 7 Series includes night-vision goggle compatibility mode, Jumpmaster, dual-position GPS formatting, projected waypoints, and the ability to erase all user data in a matter of seconds should the need arise.

During airborne operations, individuals can use Jumpmaster for three jump types: HAHO, HALO, and Static. Set the watch to dual-positioning mode, and it will simultaneously display two sets of coordinate systems, such as MGRS and latitude/longitude, on a single data screen.

When night-vision mode is activated, the backlight settings of the screen will reduce to a level that won’t interfere with the function of night-vision goggles.

Both civilian and service aviators will benefit from the tactix 7 Series Direct-To Navigation feature, which allows users to navigate straight to an airport in the world aeronautical database or use the “Nearest” function to activate a path to a nearby airport.

Additionally, pilots can also access aviation weather, including NEXRAD radar, METARs and TAFs, to see winds, visibility, barometric pressure and more directly on their tactix 7 unit.

Everyday support with advanced training. Designed for all-day use, the tactix 7 Series features Garmin’s 24/7 health and wellness tools including Pulse Ox, wrist-based heart rate, respiration and stress tracking, plus Garmin wellness insights such as Body Battery™, Fitness Age and Sleep Score with Advanced Sleep Monitoring.

The tactix 7 Series is also compatible with other Garmin devices including satellite communicators such as inReach® Mini 25 and dog tracking devices such as Alpha® 10.

Leveraging Garmin’s advanced training technology, all tactix 7 units can help customers reach their training goals.

In addition to dedicated sports apps from hunting to mountain climbing to strength training and more, the tactix 7 Series provides tools for customers to reach peak performance.

These tools include Real-Time Stamina to monitor and track exertion; a Recovery Time Advisor which takes into account training intensity and factors like stress, daily activity and sleep to estimate the number of hours of rest needed to properly recover from a workout session of the same exertion; and Daily Workout Suggestions, which acts as a personal trainer providing workout suggestions based on current training load, training status and overall fitness level.

Global navigation

Using multi-band GNSS support, customers can access multiple frequencies sent by navigation satellites for improved position accuracy in areas where GNSS signals are reflected, weak or typically don’t penetrate. All tactix 7 units come preloaded with multicontinent Topo maps from the customer’s regions and provide free access to download additional maps from around the world.

For recreational uses, the tactix 7 Series come preloaded with Public Land Boundaries Maps, SkiView Maps,and more than 42,000 full-color golf courses around the world.

Customers needing the enhanced solutions provided by Applied Ballistics (AB) will be pleased to know the tactix 7-Pro Ballistics Edition now integrates with the AB ecosystem, including the AB Synapse™ app and sensor integration.

The tactix 7 Series represents Garmin’s continued innovation of smartwatch technology and is available now with a starting suggested retail price of $1099.99.

To learn more, visit

Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin products have revolutionized life for adventurers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Committed to developing products and services that enhance experiences and provide peace of mind, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

For more information, visit Garmin’s virtual Newsroom, email our press team, connect with @garminoutdoor on social media, or follow our adventures at

As always, I highly recommend you go to our friends at Strohman Enterprise to purchase Garmin products. They offer discounts for military and LE customers.

5.11 Announces New Products for Spring / Summer 2022

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

IRVINE, Calif. (April 5, 2022) – 5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, today unveiled new products it will launch in spring of 2022. Included in these product introductions will be updates to previous product lines and all-new items designed to keep outdoor adventurers, fitness fanatics and tactical enthusiasts equipped and ready for anything.

“At 5.11, we listen to the market and strive for constant innovation and improvement in all of our products,” said 5.11’s CEO, Francisco Morales. “We work every day to meet the needs and demands of the people who work or play in the most demanding environments and to support the lifestyle of those people who live the 5.11 mantra of Always be Ready. That’s why we’ve developed new products across multiple product categories for various uses.”

In the Load Bearing Category, new items will be offered in spring to provide customers with solutions for everyday use, days spent outdoors, time on the range and more. The Range Ready Trainer Bag ($145) features fully padded construction with 600-denier polyester, a PE board base, external MOLLE webbing and removable internal dividers. A left side pull-down pouch and dual rear zippered pouches provide added storage and organizing options for range days. Shooting enthusiasts will find great firearm transportation options in the new 36” Single Rifle Case ($82) and 42” Single Rifle Case ($92). Each are padded and built with 600-denier polyester construction with external MOLLE webbing and are Gear Set™ compatible for additional storage. Internal retention straps and padded muzzle/butt-stock sleeves ensure secure storage and transport.

Range Ready Trainer Bag

42” Single Rifle Case

36” Single Rifle Case
For on duty or everyday use, customers can turn to the Daily Deploy 24 Pack ($125). It’s a versatile pack offering a 28-liter capacity and durable, lightweight 500D-nylon construction. A side-brief opening provides full access to a loop-lined main compartment with laptop sleeve and a secondary compartment with zippered mesh panel. RUSH Tier ready with front and side MOLLE webbing and tuckable shoulder straps, this pack can be customized to any user’s needs.

Adventure and weather-ready, the haul-all Load Ready Utility Mike (21L) ($56) and Load Ready Utility Lima (42L) ($72) bags feature heavy duty 1050D-nylon with a TPU waterproof internal lining and double layer base. Versatile and stackable, both bags feature a removable zip off lid with zippered pocket allowing for protection when needed. Gear loops and multiple grab handles make it easy to grab or tie down.

Daily Deploy 24

Load Ready Utility Lima

Load Ready Utility Mike
Men’s Apparel will introduce several new items in both tops and bottoms. The Marksman Utility S/S Shirt ($64) offers moisture wicking performance and UPF50+ protection along with a stylish two-piece collar and a center front placket. Side-seam vents and heat-transfer capabilities in the upper back make it a great option for all-day use. The Marksman Utility S/S Plaid ($64) adds an element of additional style with colorful plaid designs.

Bold style and functional performance can be found in the Gyver Camo S/S Shirt ($62) and Vay Camo S/S Shirt ($62). Camp-style shirts with a press open collar design and Vent-Tac properties, these shirts are designed to allow users to relax in style while a center front RAPIDraw™ placket with faux buttons keep them prepared for anything. Each shirt also offers its own unique and colorful floral pattern. A versatile and functional layering option is offered with the Fast-Tac Vest ($85). Offering an impressive 14 pockets, a vented center-back seam, adjustable side tabs and a water-resistant finish, it can be easily customized and loaded with gear to provide comfort and convenience.

Gyver Camo S/S

Vay Camo S/S

Marksman Utility S/S
A new Ridge Short ($76) made with a highly popular Flex-Tac canvas and Enduro-Flex properties delivers rare comfort along with the functionality 5.11 pants and shorts are renowned for. It offers 8 pockets including a hidden cuff-key pocket, strategically reinforced front pockets for knife clips, low-profile cargo pockets with additional hidden pockets inside, and more. The popular Defender-Flex line of pants has expanded further into shorts with a Defender-Flex Evolve Short ($70) constructed with a cotton/polyester blend and Lycra T400 Tough Max mechanical-stretch denim that allows wearers to move freely and comfortably. It offers a traditional denim style with a much-improved performance and seven total pockets.

Customers looking for style, comfort, performance and functionality in pants can look to the Defender-Flex Evolve Jean Straight ($85). An update to a favorite of 5.11 customers across the globe, the Defender-Flex Jean, it features a new cotton/polyester blend and Lycra T400 Tough Max mechanical-stretch denim. The result is enhanced performance all the way around. The Meridian Pant ($80) is a new option for those seeking a woven-style pant with a cargo-pocket design. It offers six total pockets, including cargo pockets with hook/loop closures and side-body zipper vents for added performance on warm days.

Ridge Short
There will be a number of new additions in Women’s Apparel ranging from casual wear to athletic wear. The Donna Hoodie ($58) is a hooded pullover with a stylish cross-over opening that also offers moisture-wicking performance, a drop-tail hem and raglan sleeves for added comfort. Customers seeking a jacket with a unique style without sacrificing comfort can look toward the Blayr Bomber Jacket ($75). It features a unique bomber-style design and is constructed with a polyester/elastane blend with Enduro-Flex properties for comfort and a full range of motion. Also offering a unique style is the Helena Dress ($78). It’s a shirt-style dress with a button-front placket, chest pockets with flap and button closures, on-seam hand pockets, and adjustable sleeves for a customized look and fit. A lightweight shirt with UPF protection can be found in the Women’s Marksman L/S Shirt ($68). It provides a UPF50+ rating, mesh underarm gussets and sleeve tabs to secured rolled up sleeves on warm days while a RAPIDraw™ placket creates added functionality.

Donna Hoodie

Blayr Bomber Jacket

Women’s Marksman LS Shirt
Women can find a durable, do-it-all bottom in the Spire Pant ($90). It’s built with Enduro-Flex properties, a comfort waistband, eight total pockets and a DWR finish to keep wearers prepared for anything. The Ashima Tight ($75) is an ankle-length tight constructed with a nylon/elastane blend along with moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology. It’s abrasion resistant panels, flat-locked seams, sipper waistband pocket and side pockets with envelope-flap closures make it a comfortable and functional choice for all-day wear. A more traditional tight style is offered by the Amelia Tight ($70). It features flat-lined drop pockets in addition to a hidden picket inside the waistband. The ankle-length fit with flat-locked seams, moisture-wicking and anti-odor performance provide long-lasting comfort.

Spire Pant

Ashima Tight

Amelia Tight
5.11 is also introducing variety of shorts to offer female customers something for any activity. The Shauna Short ($54) is built with Flex-Tac canvas for durability and stretch performance. With a five-inch inseam and six pockets, including front patch pockets, it’s a great choice for day-to-day wear and outdoor adventures. A comfortable cotton/elastane-twill blend is used in the Nell Short ($52) to offer a clean and classic look while offering four back pocket and two hand pockets. The Attina Short ($62) offers a more athletic build and fit with polyester/elastane-twill blend, Enduro-Flex properties, a soft jersey waistband and a stretch drawcord.

Customers who favor a skort design will be happy to see the Sasha Skort ($54). It’s moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology with perforated side panels and Enduro-Flex properties keep wearers comfort during long stretches of activity. The soft jersey stretch waistband and attached jersey liner with thigh pockets offer added comfort and functionality as well. Lastly, the Petra Denim Short ($55) utilizes washed stretch denim, seven pockets and rolled-up hems with raw-edge detail to create a tradition style with updated performance and comfort.

Shauna Short

Attina Short

Shasha Skort
Two new watches are being added to the Everyday Carry and Accessories line to ensure customers are equipped and on time for any activity. Both watches feature a sturdy 44mm stainless steel case with IP finish, 22mm webbing band and mineral crystal glass for added durability and scratch resistance. The Division Digital Watch ($100) displays day and date in addition to both military and standard time, with dual time zones available. This digital piece also offers two timers, four alarms, a removable band, EL backlight and 100-meter water resistance. The Outpost Chrono Watch ($120) with a pull type crown offers a stopwatch, standard and military time, a removable band, luminous hands and 100-meter water resistance.

Division Watch

Outpost Watch
The Men’s Physical Training-Ready (PT-R) line is growing to offer additional technical apparel to training enthusiasts. The PT-R Catalyst Pro ($52) offers a lightweight layering piece with moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology in a ¼-zip design. A pull-over hooded sweatshirt with moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties can be found in the PT-R Forged Hoody ($65).

The PT-R Havoc Short ($52) is built for movement with Enduro-Flex properties, an elasticized waistband and running gusset. A knit-jersey liner with moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology is added to the PT-R Havoc Pro Short ($56) for added coverage. The PT-R Forged Knit Short ($52) features an eight-inch inseam, polyester-elastane jersey construction, a self-encased elastic waistband and side vents for comfort and performance. High-performance compression tights are offered with the PT-R Shield Tight 2.0 ($55). With flat-locked seams, a running gusset, soft-jacquard elastic waistband, moisture-wicking and anti-odor, it’s a great layering piece for any training session. Customers who prefer to train in pants will find the PT-R Condition Knit Jogger ($65) to be a good choice. The self-encased elastic waistband and encased elastic hems provide secure comfort during any workout.

PT-R Forged Hoody

PR-R Havoc Pro Short

PT-R Condition Knit Jogger
The Women’s PT-R offering is also expanding with many great products. The PT-R Valentina Sports Bra ($36) offers a compression fit and medium support with fully lined power mesh, stretch binding and removable liner pads. The flat-locked seams and soft-jacquard elastic bottom band provide added comfort while moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties make it great for workout after workout. The Women’s PT-R Catalyst ½ Zip ($52) is a lightweight layering piece with moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology in a 1/2-zip design. A skinny-fit short option constructed with a polyester/elastane-jersey blend and an anti-odor finish is found in the PT-R Eliza Short ($56). It’s contoured waist, flat-locked seams, side drop pockets and triangle gusset make it a comfortable and convenient options for training sessions. Women workout warriors seeking a capri pant will be pleased with the PT-R Kaia Capri ($65). A variation of the popular Kaia Tight, this piece features a skinny fit with a nylon/elastance jersey construction, moisture-wicking and an anti-odor finish. The Women’s PT-R Layla Tight ($70) will hold up during the toughest workouts with a contoured waist, wicking and anti-odor properties and flat lock seams for comfort. Two built-in hip pockets and a hidden waistband pocket add to the functionality of these performance tights.

PT-R Catalyst ½ Zip

PT-R Eliza Short

PT-R Kaia Capri
Many new colorways are being added to some of the brand’s most popular Footwear lines. The Norris Low Sneaker ($115) is adding grey/blue, triple black and black/white options. Khaki, volcanic and rustic brown designs will be offered in for the Norris Sneaker ($125). The Company 3.0 Boot ($135) is introducing a brandy color while the Company 3.0 CST Boot ($145) welcomes a classic brown option. A sleek black coffee color will provide added style to the heat-deflecting leather of the A/T 8 HD Boot ($195). Lastly, the versatile A/T Trainer ($140) will expand with new colorways including crimson, black/white, gunsmoke, dune, storm and brown duck.

Norris Sneaker (black/white)

A/T 8 HD Boot (black coffee)

A/T Trainer (gunsmoke)
“Our product team spent countless hours across many months compiling feedback from trusted ambassadors, end-users and partners, securing best-in-class components and textiles, and field-testing products to ensure they meet the standards of 5.11 and our customers,” said 5.11 Vice President of Global Product, Matt Page. “We look forward to introducing these items this Spring and are confident they will serve our customers well.”