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Gunfighter Moment – Larry Vickers

“It takes years to become a professional but only ten minutes to dress like one”

– SGM (ret) Craig Maxim

I heard Max put out that little gem many years ago in Delta and it was true then and even more true now. Sadly, we live in an age where the Internet and social media has given the village idiot a voice – bottom line, not all opinions are worth .02 cents, and my advice would be if you don’t have something of real value to add to the conversation then keep your unwanted and unneeded uninformed opinion to yourself.

I’ll close with another favorite of mine:

“The problem with the Internet is it is full of people with nothing to say that say it anyway.”

– Jeff Cooper

-Larry Vickers
Vickers Tactical Inc.
Host of TacTV


Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical in a retired US Army 1st SFOD-Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. In recent years he has hosted tactical firearms related TV shows on the Sportsman Channel with the latest being TacTV of which Bravo Company is a presenting sponsor.Larry Vickers special operations background is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has been directly or indirectly involved in the some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. During Operation Just Cause he participated in Operation Acid Gambit – the rescue of Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison in Panama City, Panama. As a tactics and marksmanship instructor on active duty he helped train special operations personnel that later captured Saddam Hussein and eliminated his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein. In addition he was directly involved in the design and development of the HK416 for Tier One SOF use which was used by Naval Special Warfare personnel to kill Osama Bin Laden. Larry Vickers has developed various small arms accessories with the most notable being his signature sling manufactured by Blue Force Gear and Glock accessories made by Tangodown. In addition he has maintained strong relationships with premium companies within the tactical firearms industry such as BCM, Aimpoint, Black Hills Ammunition, Wilson Combat and Schmidt & Bender.

Larry Vickers travels the country conducting combat marksmanship classes for law abiding civilians, law enforcement and military and has partnered with Alias Training to coordinate classes to best meet the needs of the students attending the class.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer some words of wisdom.

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12 Responses to “Gunfighter Moment – Larry Vickers

  1. RazorSix says:

    Nice! Finally more than a few of us putting folks in check. We are all for openness when supported by factual merit. Thanks for standing!

  2. RazorSix

    Your welcome – I have noticed this phenomenon getting worse by the day ; I just had an assclown on my Facebook page tell me ‘fuck you’ in one sentence the tell me he respected my service in the next sentence. Needless to say he was banned and if I ever meet the pussbag I will take up the issue face to face

    It has gotten way out of hand and I now go out of my way to put people in check

    • RazorSix says:

      we had the same issue on our Facebook post of a custom order Glock stipple job, we call DragonSkin and experience the social moronic Facebook atmosphere of butt hurt who did not like being put in their place to the tune of nearly 20,000 views of negativity. We like you stayed true to who we are and where we come from and don’t putt up with this cyber bully crap or in your face crap from behind the curtain. Thanks for standing!

  3. Davan says:

    Was he warned and did you have his number?

  4. PPGMD says:

    Typically the people whose opinion is uninformed often are too ignorant to realize that their opinion is uninformed.

    You even see that from people who are experts in one field, and figure that this other field is similar thus they are an expert at it.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how people post crap on other people’s Facebook pages when they would not dream of being so rude and obnoxious in person.

  6. Davan

    Nice one !!! He was warned and I do have his number – a punk

  7. Stefan S. says:

    Why sweat the small stuff? Who really cares what they post or say. Sorry, I’ve know a lot of DB’s “behind the fence” too.

  8. Uniform223 says:

    Great words of wisdom.

    here is my feelings, opinions, and rant

    I especially believe and agree with the very first quote. I am not the most highspeed mofo out there but I have done my time in service and felt honored just to be around and apart of something so much bigger and better than I. I still like to shoot, I still like to look at the latest and greatest ( one of the reasons why I come to this site though I am NOT a geardo ) and I still like to know what is going on. I don’t care if you were S-4 or S-1… if you had the intestinal and testicular fortitude to join the military, in my book you are braver then most people out there ( did your full term and got your honorable discharge like me … I don’t care what rank you got out with ).
    I have seen too many people out there get the latest and greatest and where things just to make them look hard core supper high speed pew pew pew professional looking. I was always taught by my NCOs that professionalism shouldn’t be judged by how you look but by how you carry yourself, how you take care of those around you, and how you do your job.
    ( hardcore airsofters I am about to piss alot of you off )
    I personally do not agree or like hardcore airsofters who get all dressed up to go play in the woods or desert somewhere and call it “mil-sim”. That shit annoys me. I especially HATE it when certain individuals in that small community will try and act and look like Special Forces when they themselves have not ( though not all ) have never served in the military or LE roles. Then those same individuals give a weak excuse like, “oh well I play with alot of military and LE people”. Why don’t you get off your ass do some PT and go see a recruiter. If you’re a perfectly fit and relatively healthy grown ass adult and playing somewhere with fake guns shooting plastic pellets at each other trying to look and act all highspeed SF though have never joined or attempted to join the military or LE… you’re a bleeping bleep in my opinion.

    Case and point… Back in 2010 I attended the San Diego Comi-con. It was pretty cool what was there. I even got a shirt and bumper stickers from 7.62 design over there. The sights were cool the smell was terrible ( seriously I’ve been in situations where a platoon will smell crunchy but an entire convention where probably half those people haven’t discovered or discard personal grooming standards is awful ). I was just coming back from outside for a smoke and I saw something that just made me shake my head in pure disdain. I saw some fucktard where BDUs with there airsofting “rifle”… the worse part about it that asswhipe had the coveted “Special Forces tab” on those BDUs. I highly doubt; just from a cursory glance at how old that individual was NOT or ever WAS SF. I wanted to go over tell that person off and rip that tab off… but being a reasonable individual I did not. Leaving I saw at the trolley station a REAL soldier wearing is OCP with his CAC card in its plastic holder on his arm band. I had been already out of the service for 2 years, walked up, shook his hand, offered a cancer stick and thanked him for his service.

  9. Utah says:

    Nailed it! Thank you.