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Lincad Releases Caravel Mk2 Battery Charger

June 16th, 2014 – Lincad, a leading provider of specialist solutions to customers’ power management demands, is delighted to announce the release of its Caravel Mk2 Charger.

Caravel MK2

Designed to meet the battery charging and management requirements of Lincad’s LIPS (Lithium Ion Power System) suite of batteries as well as a wide range of other battery types and technologies, the Caravel Mk2 Charger is an enhanced, cutting edge replacement for the in-service Caravel Charger which has seen front line service with British and international armed forces for over 13 years.

Offering a significant power delivery improvement on its predecessor, the Caravel Mk2 can effectively halve charging times at the same time as delivering improved efficiency and greater flexibility in the battery types that can be recharged. The power delivery of up to 500 W is achieved from a universal AC mains input within its ruggedised 340 X 210 X 170 mm frame.

By using a series of interchangeable BIAs (Battery Interface Adaptors), a wide range of battery types and technologies, from Li-ion to lead acid, with an output running voltage of anywhere from 2 V to 58 V DC, can be recharged on the Caravel Mk2 Charger. It also provides reconditioning and management functions for both intelligent and passive batteries and can be configured to interface with a PC using USB1.1 connectivity for central fleet monitoring and in-service software upgrades.

The Caravel Mk2 Charger can also be configured to charge products not originally intended for use with a third party charger, making it possible to bring an entire battery fleet under the management umbrella of a single charging unit.

Active thermal management is employed to maintain peak function even in the most challenging environments, and by using a convection only process, lower acoustic and electromagnetic profiles are achieved than in similar force-cooled units.

To complement its backlit LCD user interface, the charger has its own LED display, providing functional and battery charge status feedback which is visible from a distance even in full sun. With its all metal construction, the Caravel Mk2 Charger is suitable for use in any sheltered environment, military or commercial, where a flat surface and mains supply are available.

Brian Soden, Lincad’s Managing Director, commented:

“Our original Caravel Charger more than proved itself over 13 years of service with armed forces internationally. With the Caravel Mk2, we have maintained the pedigree of its predecessor and, by building on its proven strengths, produced an enhanced, cutting edge replacement.”


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