Open Enrollment Courses For Northern Red At Grey Group Training

This is an announcement from Grey Group Training regarding the availability of open enrollment courses with Northern Red.

Instructors are J.D. Potynsky and Tom Spooner, who are both BCM Gunfighters.

Northern Red stands ready to provide security solutions in high-threat environments — and develop others to do the same. Shaped by the toughest military training in the world, and forged in today’s hostile and war environments, the Northern Red team is considered to be part of what some define as “The American Warrior Class.”

Their goal is to create the security and stability, nationally and internationally, to help foster peace and economic growth. Northern Red proudly takes on dangerous, complex engagements that require courage, capability, as well as the ability to work independently, creatively and strategically.

In short, Northern Red delivers… Warrior-Class Security Solutions for an Unstable World.

Here is what Northern Red has to say about training and training with them:

“In a world growing more uncertain by the minute, we need all the well-developed professionals we can get. Northern Red offers experience-based security development and tactical training to candidates who possess the courage and capacity to mitigate a wide range of dangerous combatants, scenarios and environments.

Their development programs are designed based on a combination of our instructor’s personal experiences in war zones, and their experiences in many of the world’s elite military training programs.

There will be tests of skill, stamina, improvisation, memorization and how to remain lucid under chaotic circumstances. By the end of your training, you will have been educated and focused on performance, effectiveness and solutions — the same goals and skills required of the world’s very best warriors.”

The current instructor to student ratio is 1:9.

Contact Ramia Whitecotton at for more information and sign up for one of their courses at To stay up to date on Northern Red, feel free to visit their Facebook Page.

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