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High Speed Gear – ZERTified TACO Rig

ZERTified TACO Rig By High Speed Gear

ZERT is currently working with High Speed Gear to produce a ZERT-themed TACO rig. The rig will be small, compact, and easy to store in a pack or under a seat. True to its name, the rig also utilizes HSG’s line of TACO rifle and pistol magazine pouches which are able to accommodate a variety of calibers and single or double stack magazines simply by adjusting the bungie.


4 Responses to “High Speed Gear – ZERTified TACO Rig”

  1. Gil says:

    Looks too much like something else- the kind of thing that a suicide terrorist would wear.

    Watch out for that friendly fire…

  2. High Speed Gear – ZERTified TACO Rig – Soldier Systems Daily