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5.11 Double Duty Responder Knife

The Double Duty Responder Knife from 5.11 Tactical really pulls triple duty. It incorporates a 3.7″ combo edge main sheepsfoot blade, blunt tipped fully serrated cord cutter secondary blade and carbide-tipped glass breaker.


Both of the blades are crafted from AUS8 stainless steel and given a satin finish with the main blade at 3mm thick and the secondary at 1.8mm thick. With both of these blades deployed at opposing ends, the knife is 9.7” overall length. It includes a Torx wrench and replacement screws and is offered with Orange rubber-overmolded FRN handle scales for high visibility. There is also a three-position carry clip.

Be forewarned, folks have complained about the glass breaker tearing pants. This is a common occurrence with many knives that incorporate this feature. It’s about how and where you carry it.

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15 Responses to “5.11 Double Duty Responder Knife”

  1. Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

    Does the Tough American Mom® have to be completely coated in 5-11 clothing? I mean it’s laying it on a little thick.

  2. Woody says:

    I’m surprised the truck didn’t explode behind them as they ran to safety.

  3. RandomJoe says:

    I wonder if every blade is a different length, thickness, different handle sizes, different colors, etc. That would put them on par with everything else 5.11 makes.

    • SSD says:

      I don’t understand what you mean, perhaps you could explain?

      • RandomJoe says:

        We are issued a bunch of 5.11 stuff at work. The is no (i.e. ZERO) continuity to the sizing, fit, quality or color. I had 12 shirts, all labeled the same size, that ranged from actual fit size slightly above small to extra large. Same with sleeve length. 12 shirts, all labeled the same, 12 different sleeve lengths. Color? Sure the tag said navy blue, but there were 5-8 shade variations. Buttons? Yup, some of our coats came with the buttons missing, half attached or fallen off in the package.

        5.11 tried to fix the issues since these were supposed to be a police uniform set, however even a whole new issue straight from the “factory” had the same issues,

        I take whatever I get issued that is 5.11 and put them in the closet to be turned in when I retire and just pay out of pocket for my own stuff. Lately though, even the COC has gotten beyond tired of 500 different shades of uniform walking around and switched companies. Finally.

        • R says:

          I hate to admit it, but I too have had very similar issues with consistency from 5.11 clothing. Despite any similarities in labeling, it seems I’ve never received the same item twice.

          • 5.11 says:

            RandomJoe, sorry to hear about this. We go to great measures to make sure all the gear is functional and meets the standards of departments worldwide. We are always here to work with your procurement officer if an issue like this arises. This goes for any gear purchased from 5.11. We’ll always try and work it out and replace anything that is defective. You can contact our customer service through our site or FB and Twitter.

            • RandomJoe says:

              I did, and while customer service was amazing (kept sending replacement uniforms) the issues still remained with the replacement uniforms. Also, not a single vendor/rep could find the mythical “long” sizes. I even posted a couple times on facebook about where the long sizes were (especially after getting my brand new uniforms that stopped mid-forearm and making entry after deploying gas on a house) and was told either “thank you” or had my comments deleted.

              I will give credit where credit is due, and that is your bike uniform shorts are amazingly comfortable and I bought those out of pocket.

    • Horror says:

      From their page:
      Main and secondary blades are 3mm/1.8mm thick, respectively
      9.7” overall length with both blades deployed

  4. Trajan says:

    Didn’t Benchmade make the same thing a few years ago?