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Salient Arms Introduces LUDUS Package for GLOCK

Based on a partnership with Chris Costa, Salient International has introduced a LUDUS package of GLOCK mods based on his preferences.

SAI Ludus Model

(photo by Black Wire Studio)

The LUDUS package includes GLOCK 17/19 exclusive slide with full-wrap front serrations coated in LUDUS gray and Salient Flat-Faced trigger. Further options include Recessed RMR Cut/Sight and DLC coated box-flute/matched-fit barrel. Customers can supply any GLOCK model number to have this package applied.

Contact Salient Arms for details. Their Facebook page is a great resource as well.

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10 Responses to “Salient Arms Introduces LUDUS Package for GLOCK”

  1. SeanL says:

    Cover that thing in RockTape.

    • straps says:

      Cover your wallet first.

      Though after shooting a Salient (at a Costa course; say what you will he’s a pretty good instructor), I could see myself springing for their work in a moment of weakness after a good run at the tables (or a long stretch of OT).

      Or get two (G17 and G19) and have Boresight tune them…

  2. Konstantinos says:

    I would like to ask if we cut (mill) the slide of Glock is there any problem with rust or is this a new metal slide of sailent arms?

    • KKS-1 says:

      After the slides are milled, they are refinished. There is not any bare metal left exposed.

  3. Red says:

    May be a dumb question, but what exactly is the purpose of any grip on the front of the slide? (never taken a course with Costa if he’s ever explained it)

  4. Pete says:

    So what’s the difference between Ludus Gray and Disruptive Gray? And more importantly which one will make me a better shooter?

  5. Invictus says:

    SAI does some droolworthy work. I don’t know how much it improves performance, but from a design standpoint, they’re gorgeous.