Spartan Blades – NYMPH – Intregral Frame Slipjoint

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The NYMPH came about as a result of Spartan Blades wanting to produce a high quality slip joint folder, using as few small moving parts as possible. The resulting design features a blade made from S35VN steel in a Drop Point style, with a frame and clip made from 6AL-4V titanium.

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Spartan partnered with Les Halpern of Halpern Titanium to develop the locking system of the NYMPH, which is called an “Integral Frame Slipjoint”. This system utilizes the dorsal side of the frame which is cut to work as a spring and holds a pin that creates a bias to close and open. To open the blade, one must push on the tab on the blade while pulling on the triangle cut-out of the opposite side and hand. The pin locks into the blade when held firmly by the thumb and forefinger in position of use, but is free to rotate upon release of the frame handle.

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Due to its unique design, the NYMPH is legal in countries such as the UK and Germany which restrict knives with traditional lock systems, knives capable of one-handed opening, and those with long blades. SSD’s Editor picked up a NYMPH at Blade Show 2014, and used it on his recent trip to France; he was very happy with the performance.

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The blade finish is Stonewashed. Frame finish available in Stonewashed and Purple Anodized.


4 Responses to “Spartan Blades – NYMPH – Intregral Frame Slipjoint”

  1. JG says:

    Is the price correct on their website? $220?

    • SSD says:

      I would imagine that it is, seeing as how it’s their website.

      • JG says:

        Well, websites are never wrong, right? I was hoping it was a misprint, as you can get a similar knife from SOG for about 30 bucks.

  2. Invictus says:

    I’m more interested in how that is more legal than a liner lock or lockback, personally. That must be a truly oddly worded law.