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I Spy With My Little Eye – 7.62×39 SCAR

7.62x39 SCAR


19 Responses to “I Spy With My Little Eye – 7.62×39 SCAR”

  1. D says:

    Joint venture with Handl? Only seems right.

  2. Bussaca says:

    I see they still haven’t fixed the contentious stock/cheek riser…

    • BrettW says:

      Whats wrong with the stock cheek riser? I worked on this for 5 years and that rarely if ever came up as something that needed to be changed. Sure there was a very, very small handful of good idea fairy’s how couldn’t be made happy regardless of what was changed or fixed.

  3. TomcatTCH says:

    lots of SCARs without the barrel mounted sight these days.

  4. seans says:

    Well hope that somehow this is more reliable than the MK17s and MK20s.

    • joe says:

      Or somehow more reliable than Than the ak47 its supposed to replace, along with 5x the cost and an unmistakeable “I’m american SPECOPS!” profile?

      • BrettW says:

        It’s for commonality. You know, the whole reason this system was designed. to be modular. Its never meant to be a replacement to the AK

        And I’d put a Mk17 / Mk20 against a Mk11 any day…. it will out shoot it and WILL be more reliable.

        • joe says:

          So you saying that instead of a battlefield pickup ak47 or go in with an ak I’m supposed to pack a spare upper in case I run out of ammo and need to use an ak mag?

          • TG says:

            It’s a conversion kit barrel, and trigger module. very simillar to the 5.56 conversion kits being issued. Same receiver.

            • Toby says:

              I can’t say much for the SCAR Light I will say my SCAR Heavy was a very good gun and gave me zero problems. That being said the Handl Defense SCAR 25 lower is paramount. I have my opinions but they are based on my personal use in combat with the weapon. The AK variant looks awesome so long as it runs reliably. And for the gentleman who asked about battlefield recovery. I would NOT want to use a captured AK from one of my enemies. The people we fight are not known for their abilities to maintain their weapons and equipment. It is also important to note that when the enemy sees a a lack of 5.56 casings that is a good thing.

        • seans says:

          Your joking right. You really believe the MK20 can outshoot and is more reliable than the MK11. The 20 is a abortion, and the 17 isn’t much better. Why do you think the SMUs don’t even touch the SCAR family. Only good thing that comes from it currently is the grenade launcher.

    • djv38 says:

      Troll much?

  5. JoshZ says:

    If it happens, i will buy a SCAR.

  6. jjj0309 says:

    I think my quest for finding ultimate flat-top AK is over.