SureFire – Haley Strategic Inforce WML-HSP


This week’s post from covers the Haley Strategic Inforce WML-HSP weapon-mounted light. Capable of producing 200 lumens of light, the WML-HSP is lightweight and simple, and aids in accurate shooting in low-light conditions.

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6 Responses to “ – Haley Strategic Inforce WML-HSP”

  1. ctopher says:

    Much respect for Mr. Haley. That said I just don’t get this light. Even his momentary on 200 lumen version just seems so “meh” these days.

    I have read of switch problems, having to push it in just the right spot. Also cracking problems around the mounting hardware. I have also seen they are coming out with a two battery model to that throws our 500 lumen.

    I guess the price is low and its light weight. Otherwise I would recommend a Surfire scout weapon light if you can swing it.

  2. Dan says:

    Having used numerous weapon lights including this one, I would say without a doubt this is my favorite. It strikes the balance between ‘enough’ light, it’s size and weapon attachment system. I didn’t mind the surefire scout, I then moved to the M952V, and that was a clunky torch. I then attempted to move to the M720V and that thing is crap, it broke after about a week. I was not alone, as a couple of other units shat themselves as well… crap. Off the back of my last two experiences with Surefire, I won’t be going back to them.

    The one thing this HSP version could improve is having a IR output as well like its baby brother. But in terms of what you get for the price, size and ease of use I think this is a pretty good torch.

  3. defensor fortisimo says:

    I have to concur. I have the “little brother” of this and it runs like a kenyan on bath salts. No issues with the clamp, (although I’ve heard scuttlebutt the apl has had some issues on that front), and the pressure switch is really intuitive, (although again, I’ve run into similar problems with Inforce to what you’ve described, but with the handheld model and that’s mostly a case of putting enough pressure on it when you want it on, not a bad thing for a duty light).

  4. Craig says:

    I have the normal WML with the IR, fantastic little light that I have mounted on my AR pistol, nice and bright enough, super light weight and sits perfectly on the Haley Strategic Keymod mount.